Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Teen Prostitutes in Fort Worth

In a manner of speaking this is a sign of the times. Street gang members doing what they do best, being criminals are trying to be as big as the mafia. In this story we have two Fort Worth gang members running a prostitution ring using underage girls from troubled homes. That is what irks me about this is how they found these 'troubled' girls and took advantage of them. It reminds of me many girls I've known over the years who say they are from troubled homes. I'd call it more drama than actual trouble. Anyhow, one of their bigger customers was a convenience store owner. What a piece of crap! I hope the judge throws these people away. What possible reason would society want any of these people running around? I bet sometime in the future more of these little teenage prostitution schemes will make the news. The more affluent the neighborhoods, the bigger the story.

Click here for a video report.

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