Monday, June 30, 2008

Rest In Peace Gary Gryder

Houston Chronicle




I heard the news around 9am yesterday morning. Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder and Officer Joe Pyland were working a traffic detail at State Highway 6 and IH-10. A drunk 24-year old plowed into both of them. Officer Gryder was killed, Officer Pyland was injured expected to recover. What's infuriating about this is the driver's reaction. He is said to have been laughing, acting like he was having a good time. Well, I hope someone had some snap to get a digital video recorder (i.e. cell phone) and record this guy's behavior. I'm sure the judge and jury would love to see this in court. I wonder if that fool was laughing when he sobered up. He was only given $50,000 bail. That's too low for this piece of crap. My condolences to the family of Gary Gryder. Rest in peace brother!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drunken Moron

This car was found abandoned after it hit a tree and a sign in West Houston. There was blood inside the car with open beer bottles inside. A traffic ticket with a name and address was found inside the car. That person was found, bleeding, at the address on the ticket. He gave police a BS story about his car being stolen. However, further investigation was hampered because of other calls coming in and a manpower shortage. So, moron got away with it for that night.

Friday, June 27, 2008

One is a Robbery, One Really is a Scam

KPRC has this story of a robbery. I like how they call it a "scam." The scam involves duping someone into giving them a ride to pick up an accomplice. The subject of the dupe is given an elaborate story, convinced to take money out of an ATM machine, then robbed at gunpoint. Some scam.

Here is another scam I've become aware of. Subject goes to the grocery store where he/she meets a woman who claims she's an immigrant. She strikes up a casual conversation, then they part ways in the store. As the subject comes to the front to pay, he "bumps" into the woman again and they restart chatting it up. It is her turn to pay and she starts digging through her purse, then "gets upset" because she left her wallet in her car. The 'good Samaritan' is asked to pay for the immigrant lady's purchases after being told she'll pay him back in the parking lot. The two go her car where it won't start. My, my that lady is having a bad afternoon. The subject is asked to bring his car around to jump hers. By the time he returns to her car, she's magically gotten the car started and left, with free groceries!

Nuts and Bolts on Gun Issue

While in Houston, the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms says that yesterday's Supreme Court ruling "won't change much." Well duh! The case is District of Columbia v Heller. Read it if you like. That quote "won't change much" says it all. I know the usual suspects are running around with their routine arguments like "slippery slope," "gonna be the wild west," etc. If you'll remember, when Texas first passed the concealed handgun carry law years ago the whack jobs were saying the exact same thing. Guess what, they were dead wrong then. They will be dead wrong now. The bare factor of these gun laws are the people. Law abiding citizens should be able to choose whether they want to own guns or not. Why would anyone have a problem with law abiding citizens carrying guns in their cars? Why would anyone have a problem with law abiding citizens owning guns in their own homes? One thing that anti-gun people will never understand is that banning guns only empowers criminals. Since criminals disobey the law to begin with, why are they going to stop carrying guns now? Another point to consider, an unarmed populace is easier to control. Let's say a government oversteps its bounds and becomes socialist/communist leaning. Who then protects the populace from such a government? Another point to consider, at the end of World War II, a Japanese commander was asked why Japan didn't invade the west coast of the United States. We were not prepared for an attack and vulnerable (hence Pearl Harbor). The commander responded that he knew citizens had guns in their homes and had contests and prizes for marksmanship. Something to chew on isn't it?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainbow in NE Sky

Not as good as the previous pictures I'm afraid. I was at a stop light on Memorial and Eldridge Pkwy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Texas Storm

We watched this storm blow in across the bay as we sat at Joe's Crab Shack on the Kemah Boardwalk Saturday afternoon. The lightening was incredible! A steady stream of sailboats quickly made a beeline for the marina before the rain began. This picture was taken about an hour or so later as we walked down the boardwalk. As the storm moved on, the setting sun reflected on the clouds, forming a complete rainbow! Simply awesome!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vlasta "Val" Chernosky

Photo from Houston Chronicle

On June 14, Vlasta "Val" Chernosky died in a Houston assisted living center. She was 108 years old. Born in 1899, in Waller County, TX. Just think of all the history this woman lived through. She lived through World War I, prohibition, the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, etc. Ah, the stories this woman told. Read the article for details about her life. That's what I think life is about, living a long, full life. Rest in Peace Val!

A Humorous Site

The Chronicle brings us a website with information about the Harris County Jail. The site is called In it, ex-inmates are interviewed. As a young patrolman once told me, it never ceased to amaze him how it seems that people are lining up to get inside the county jail. It appears to be true. At anytime of day people can be seen coming in.

"Future inmates can learn the ropes before they go to jail," said Tom McConnon, a designer of the Web site owned by Jail Media, based in Orem, Utah. "Going to jail has to be scary for anyone. The more you know going in, the more confident you'll be."

So, are any of my wonderful readers planning on getting arrested in Harris County and winding up in jail? Then this is the site for you.

"We were trying to come up with an underserved market," she (Katie Nielsen) said."

Well, the thugs are out slanging and banging and not too smart to plan their trip to jail ahead of time.

The Kids Have Been Found

Sadly, they were found, in a suitcase in a wooded area. The bodies had been burned. Horrible! Just horrible! Say a prayer for these kids, may they rest in peace.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mexico Should Handle Its Own Business

Everyone knows the land south of the border is a whole other world. I will never understand why Mexico deems it necessary to try to run our own affairs. Mexico encourages the robbery and exploitation of its own illegal immigrants. Mexican government officials often have their hands in someone else's pockets. Mexican police are either bribed or killed. Mexican drug lords are waging open war on each other, and the police for control of the drug trade. Yet, the Mexican government seems to have a strange love affair with Jose Medellin. In case you don't remember him, or the two girls gang-raped and killed by him and his friends, click here. Today, in the Chronicle we read that Mexico is going to the world court to force Texas not to execute Medellin and other murderers. Why does the Mexican government care more about criminals than victims? Why does the Mexican government favor its own criminals over its own citizens? When President Bush asked Texas to stay these guys' executions, Texas told him to take a hike. The Supreme Court did too. I bet the world court is going to side with the killers. So let's hope that same Texan spirit tells the world court to 'f' off as well. Mexico needs to clean its own house before telling others what to do in theirs. How many times must this be said?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cover Up, Blame Police, Shield Husband

Everyone is hoping that two missing Pasadena children, Randy and Denim Sylvester will be found.
Yesterday, KPRC ran this story on their website. The kids' mother, Jerilynn St. Cyr told the news crew that Pasadena Police aren't doing enough to find her kids.

"Somebody came in my community and took my kids," said St. Cyr. "Pasadena is not trying to find them."

As I read the article further things started to jump out.

"She said she and her husband are good parents to the children. She even showed Local 2 their room with their toys."

To me, that sounded like the actions of someone who was trying to cover up something. Parallel to answering the phone from a bill collector looking for you and telling them "they're not here!"

"Police said the mother and father's stories were not consistent, but neither was ever considered a suspect."

So, they can't even get their stories straight. Yet, "St. Cyr said it is up to the community to find her kids."

Hmmmm. Now, we all know this woman has a mentality that nothing is her fault, that she is "owed."

"Investigators said an Amber Alert was not issued for the children because the case did not meet the necessary criteria. Police said they did not believe there had been an abduction."

Aha! That means Pasadena knows more than they are letting on which is fine. We don't need them tainting their investigation. This article mentions the kids' father, Randy Sylvester Sr. was arrested for traffic warrants. Now, usually the police wouldn't arrest the father of missing children and hold him in jail unless there was a good reason. They obviously suspect him (although not the mother) of being involved in their disappearance.

Today, the Chronicle runs this story. In it, they confirm that the kids' father is responsible somehow for their disappearance. They even suggest the kids maybe dead. As the father was arrested on the warrants, he resisted the police (something the KPRC article left out). KPRC updated the story with their own article. Now, something stands out. In the first KPRC article Jerilynn says she and Randy are good parents. Yet, "he is under investigation of domestic violence against his wife from an incident on Monday night.

I'd like to know, did she go on camera blasting Pasadena police, and telling her community that is is their responsibility to find her missing kids before, or after her husband assaulted her? I bet you this woman knows what kind of man Randy was when she met him. I'm not sure she cares for her kids more than the piece of crap husband of hers. She probably should be sitting in jail as well. We shall see.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Students With Nothing Better To Do

I remember college. I have fond memories of it. One thing that will never cease to amaze me is the willingness of college students to protest 'noble' causes. In this story we have a group of University of Houston college students protesting a cause that must keep them up at nights. What are these students protesting? Equal rights for women in repressive societies? Nope! End to offshore drilling bans so gas prices can come down? Nope! End cruelty to animals? Nope! These morons are protesting Starbucks. Yep! Starbucks coffee. The university plans to put a kiosk in their library. However, Timothy O'Brien, rebel without a clue, and leader of the Students for Fair Trade marched up to the Dean's office to make a show. However, the dean wisely chose to be out of town. So, O'Brien, not to be denied his 15 minutes, peppered a receptionist, probably a 22 year old girl just trying to make some money while going to school herself, with ridiculous questions. I have to laugh at O'Brien. Of all the causes to raise arms about, coffee! If he hates Starbucks so much, don't drink it! Don't buy it!

""This campus is ruled by Aramark," he bellowed as passing students quickly looked away. "This is a plantation."

-Who cares if Aramark makes money. Once again, if this idiot doesn't want to give them his money he has plenty of other choices. He can always grow soy in the bin next to his pot plants.

-I like 'as passing students quickly looked away.' It's because they couldn't believe what a moron this guy is.

-"This is a plantation!" Aw the race card! Whenever you want to demonize something (or someone) bring racial connotations into the mix. If he's so offended by University of Houston being a plantation, why is he there, paying tuition?

"O'Brien didn't buy it. "He's saying the university is for corporate profits," he said. "The students mean nothing."

-I hate repeating myself. Why doesn't he leave?

-There are the magic words, corporate profits. I guess O'Brien is a 'government steals peoples' money and squanders it on socialistic entitlement programs' type of person. I bet the best way to shut this fool up is to get him a high paying corporate job with corporate benefits. Give him a chance to 'sell out.' After all, that's probably what he is really mad about. Others are profiting and he isn't. Is it me, or is there a reason the movie PCU is more than just a comedy?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What A Damn Shame!

Galveston Police Sgt. Jeff Wyers and his wife of one day, Crystal Robinson (a Galveston County Deputy Sheriff) were hit by a vehicle that pulled out of a parking lot on Hwy 146. Sgt. Wyers had just sent an email announcing his retirement about two hours before he died. His wife is still at UTMB Galveston in critical condition. My condolences to the family and friends of Sgt. Wyers and prayers to his wife for recovery.

We Won! Hey, Wait A Second!

I remember the initial controversy with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). This superhighway was originally designed to go straight through Texas, connecting Mexico and Oklahoma. After many complaints and meetings TXDOT has had a change of heart. Instead of grabbing acres upon acres of private property for the highway, TXDOT has decided to utilize existing highways. While many people are celebrating, many others need to realize they have to join the fight. Take a look at the map for the new proposed route. Notice as it creeps to Houston, which freeway it is intending to use. The TTC is intended to utilize US Highway 59. Ask any Houstonian how bright this idea is. Highway 59 is usually a mad house to begin with. During the morning hours from 6 to 9, and in the afternoons from about 4 to 8 it is clogged with local traffic getting to work or going home. I guess the board members at TXDOT felt "Houston has thousands of morons driving on its roads to start with, who is going to notice a little more clogging?" Or, maybe TXDOT thought "okay, you want to whine and moan, we'll give you something to whine and moan about!" So, now the residents of Houston and Harris County will have to stand up to this giant snake wanting to crawl through its home bringing in God-knows-what.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Night Out Pt.2

Someone had a lap top going. This place is a wifi spot.

The bar with its flat screen TV

Ben's son helping himself to a cupcake

A Night Out

Last week was Ben's birthday, so they held a little get-together at his bar/coffeeshop The Petrol Station located at 835 Wakefield in Houston. I like these little outings. Since I don't get out much nowadays it's nice to do things like this. For five years we lived across the street from the owner and his family and got to be good friends with them. Every now and then we like to make a return visit.

The stool I sat on.

Rock band/star/whatever in a bar, a good idea.

The owner/operator, Ben in on a first-name basis with his customers

Horny Ring Man and R Pupkin

The menu on the wall.

A Cigarette Gone Astray?

Last Sunday, it was roughly 93 degrees and very dry. So, somehow this grass fire starts in a shade of trees along Highway 6 in Harris County and spreads a little before being finally put out.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Double Standard of Hate Crimes

As everyone knows, ten years ago three white men dragged James Byrd to his death in Jasper, TX.
All of them were prosecuted, and convicted of capital murder. Two of them are awaiting execution, and one not eligible for parole until he is 63 years old.

That is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to highlight a problem with this article. First and foremost, this is what Jasper is known for. The news media keeps printing this story with titles like "10 Years Later...Still Haunts Jasper." The impression the news media conveys is that Jasper is a backwoods, racist, yokel-filled East Texas town. The truth is the opposite. The people of Jasper were horrified by this act. Those three hoodlums were prosecuted for capital murder, the highest criminal offense in the state of Texas and were convicted. So, if Jasper were the racist little town that the Chronicle would have you believe it is, then why was this act condemned over and over? Why do the people of Jasper have to defend themselves to the media as not being racist?

This article brings two contradictions in mind. When John William King and Lawrence Russell Brewer meet their execution dates. Will the Chronicle do one of their infamous "Chron Eye for the Death Row Killer Guy" segments that detail the 'horrible' upbringing these guys had? Will the usual peanut gallery stand outside the Walls Unit in Huntsville with candles and "kumbaya chants?" This brings an interesting clash of double standards for the media who are generally anti-death penalty. Will they be consistent and editorialize against the execution of these two clowns? Or will they "make an exception" in this case? The pro-death penalty crowd (like me) remain consistent. We don't have a problem with these guys facing the needle. Hell, let's throw in the third too.

I have another challenge for the Chronicle. Will they write a heartwarming piece about the murder of Ken Tillery? Many of you are scratching your heads wondering "who was that?" That's exactly my point. Here is the tale of Ken Tillery. Ken was white man who was picked up by three black men outside a suspected crack house. The three men demanded more money for gas and Ken refused. He jumped out and tried to run. The three ran over him and dragged him 20 to 30 feet before his body was dislodged from the vehicle. This act wasn't ruled a hate crime because of the drug angle to the story. My point here is, when it comes to hate crimes, there is a gaping double standard. The media would have you believe that only whites can commit hate crimes. When the shoe is on the other foot, the media will barely pay it any mind. Take a look at these articles;
July 16, 2002, by David Horowitz
October 26, 2000, by Larry Elder (one of my personal heroes)

In fact, the whole point in this paragraphs is summed up by a quote from Larry Elder;
"Are the majority of blacks racist? Of course not, no more so than are the majority of whites. The point here is perspective. When blacks condemn white bigotry, we must be equally vigilant about black bigotry."

Of course I would add bigotry from other races too. By the way, for government race data, did you all know that Hispanics (which is an ethnicity, not a race) are labeled 'white?' So, when a hate crime is committed by a Hispanic, guess how the government labels it. When the victim is Hispanic, guess how it's not labeled. So much for equality and fairness for all, right?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pictures of Kemah

I had to go to a class down in Kemah for two days. The second morning I arrived early. So I decided to walk around and take a couple of pictures. Kemah is small, coastal, quiet, wonder if I can retire there someday?


In some neighborhoods it is a simple fact of life to hear police sirens, a police helicopter (aka the 'ghetto bird'), and to have police officers running through your backyard chasing after people. Regardless, it still draws people to look out of their windows and wonder what is going on. In this case, a man with warrants grabbed a gun and ran from the police officer trying to serve the warrant. He got away, but since they already know he is, they will fine another warrant for his arrest and have to chase him down another day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Chronicle Lunacy, er, Logic

This morning the Houston Chronicle declares "Car used by police to bait thieves kills Dallas woman." Wow! Looks like Christine went to work for Dallas Police. However, once you read down the article you find out that a car thief actually took the car and was driving away.

Officers were searching for the stolen bait car but weren't chasing the man who was driving it. They say they believe he panicked when he saw officers in the area and sped up."

Uh oh! What are the advocates of "police not chasing anybody for anything" going to say when they read this? The police weren't even chasing the guy, yet he still fled and killed a woman who sadly was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I said this when the debate raged about police pursuits. The naysayer crowd (and the chronicle) seem to refuse to hold the criminal responsible. In this case, it was the bait car's fault according to Chronicle logic. Is it me, or does the Houston daily not like police?