Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cop Killer Kills Self


I will admit it, I clapped my hands and shouted "yippie" when I read this story. I remember the day Deputy Joseph Dennis was murdered by Jesus Flores. I also remember the insult a couple of years later when some stupid campaign that wanted people to comfort murderers did a feature on Flores. I remember reading his profile saying some crap about being confused and having a bad time. I don't think it mentioned in the profile that he murdered a police officer. Well, regardless, Flores killed himself saving the state a lot of trouble. Of course it probably won't be long before the news outlets and the usual suspects come out of the woodwork crying "foul" or "conspiracy" and demand "justice." If you want sympathy from me for this cop killer, then you're sadly mistaken. I say good riddance Jesus Flores!

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