Friday, January 4, 2008

He's Baaaack!!!!!!!

Quanell X is back! This time he's chosen a less controversial incident after being called to the mat in Pasadena a couple of months back. He had to lay low to let time blow over his, and the media's, shock that anyone would dare stand up to him. In this story someone painted racial slurs on a woman's house. Pct. 4 Deputy Constables came out and took a report. Quanell must have gotten some bills in the mail recently because he is acting upset that the incident is not being treated as a hate crime (i.e. camera exposure). Of course, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that being called a 'hate crime' doesn't bring out a specially trained, elite, ultra-technology CSI unit that use satellites to track down invisible clues. The deputies did all they could do and even identified suspects.

".....because investigators believe it was linked to an altercation between an African-American teen who lives at the residence and a group of Hispanic girls."

Uh oh, if LULAC gets involved in this, then the chronicle and the other news outlets will surely be in a precarious situation on how to cover it. To me, it sounds like stupid kids doing what they do best, acting stupid. Listen to a group of kids (all races) talk in a school playground. You won't find any political correctness in that discussion.

"You spray paint (the N-word) on a garage and 'monkey' and he says to us what does it matter if it's classified as a hate crime," the activist said. "That's exactly what too many insensitive white people in law enforcement would think. Ask a black law enforcement officer what he thinks."

First of all, we all know Quanell is not an activist. He is a pimp. Yet the chronicle and the other news outlets continue to promote him as the 'community activist' while ignoring the fact he hasn't improved one community. Second, did anyone notice the subtle insult here? Third, Quanell hopes nobody knows what 'hate crimes' actually means in the state law. All hate crimes do is enhance the punishment upon conviction of the original offense. That's why the chronicle said, "he (Hickman) acknowledged that his office could recommend hate crime charges if they arrest a suspect who confirms the act was motivated by a racial prejudice or bias."

"Quanell X said Precinct 4's failure to seek hate crime charges against two white teens who shouted "white power" (anyone remember Quanell and his crew holding their fists in the air chanting 'black power' at the Joe Horn protest on youtube, of course I doubt anyone in the media will point out this hypocrisy)as they attacked a Spring Hispanic teen in 2003 shows a pattern of insensitivity to minorities."

Again, ignorance of the law that Quanell hopes people will be too dumb to notice. He brings up an incident that has nothing to do with this story to promote his self serving race dividing agenda that the chronicle and the other news outlets promote every time they go seek him out for an interview.

I don't think anyone is taking him seriously here, other than the chronicle and whomever reported this. The easily led automatons will hang on ever word he says while people who think for themselves can see him for the fraud he really is.

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JLee said...

Man, we have an almost identical story going on right now in Arlington. There is a big controversy because the man would not remove the graffiti off his home to make a point and the neighbors are complaining. I think it's wrong, but it's become such a circus.