Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chronicle Tries To Soften The Blow
The Houston Chronicle did a nice little puff piece about support for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's racist pastor. All last week we've heard all sorts of garbage coming out of this man's mouth. We've heard this and this. Apparently, this has hurt Obama's public image. In general, society doesn't like racists regardless of color.
Now, the chronicle, for some reason came out with a piece finding people who feel the same way as "Pastor" Wright (could someone please explain just how this man is a pastor. I thought pastors preached the word of God and salvation, not racism and intolerance) does. That's a shocker. I'm sure I could go find someone who agrees with Fred Phelps and write a chronicle style puff piece on him. Let me pick apart this article;
"Listen to the average black revival or Sunday service," said the Rev. William Lawson, pastor emeritus at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. "You'll hear that we have a good God, but we have a nation that has been unfair to the little people. That's not a new thing."
I see. To me, it sounds like what Larry Elder and Bill Cosby have been talking about for years. The problem isn't racism. The problem is nobody wants to take any responsibility for their own actions. Bill Cosby has been saying that many black fathers are absent, leaving many black children with no role models. These kids wind up in trouble and in prison. Yet these "leaders" say it isn't their fault, it's society's fault. I've also said that these so-called "leaders" enjoy their "success" by telling people that nothing is their fault, it is racism and a corrupt system that "keeps them down." They have to divide people along racial lines and of course, there are those who swallow the bait, hook, and sinker.
"He (Wright) comes from the standpoint of black liberation. But he's not a separatist. His message is one of black empowerment...."
Really. Go back to my first point. Why not preach responsibility? Why not preach being positive role models? Why not preach the evils and perils of gangs, crime, etc.? If you want people to be masters of their own destiny, then I challenge Wright to tell his congregation to quit blaming society, quite listening to him, and go out and make their own ways. That will never happen.
"They've known about Wright for 40 years," Lawson said. "They suddenly decided they had to slow Obama down. "
It's also about something else about our society. Listen to Larry Elder (in my opinion one of the smartest men in the country) talk about this. Listen to the first segment. Once again, Larry hits it on the head.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crook Ran, Money Flew, Wrecker Drivers Arrested

Fox news coverage:
Channel 11 coverage:

For about 15 minutes the tollway area in southwest Houston was rocked by a traffic pursuit. Police were chasing a man up and down the tollway. While fleeing police he hit a woman with a kid in the car and continued on. When the chase ended, a woman ran to the car as he got out to hand something to her. I'll wait for other news outlets to carry with that story about the poor woman trying to get her rent money neglecting the fact that this crook literally was trying to run other cars off the road (aside from the one car he did hit). Also, this woman was on the phone with him and knew he was being chased. Now, anyone with any sense whatsoever knows not to run to a car the police had been chasing. The officers had no idea initially what was being handed off. The police thinking would suggest illegal contraband (drugs, etc.). So, the woman inserted herself into this incident and got herself tackled and arrested (and released soon after determining why she acted foolishly). The money was confiscated so what good did it do these people? Another aspect of the story is that two wrecker drivers were also arrested. They were observed driving like the crook. They were seen driving up, and over 100 miles an hour and driving over medians. One of them even almost hit a police officer! When they arrived, they found themselves being arrested for reckless driving. Talk about dumb!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wayne Dolcefino Throws a Fit ***Updated***

Based on information I received I decided to update this post. What happened was that Wayne Dolcefino went to traffic court, an experience we've all had. Yes it's long, yes it's not fun, but it's part of life. Dolcefino sat in the crowd until his case was called and formally notified that his case was dismissed. Dolcefino then asks to speak to the court clerk who comes out to talk to him. Dolcefino then throws a tantrum about why he wasn't notified and his time wasted bla bla bla. What Dolcefino either doesn't realize or is ignoring is that when a case is set for trial the defendant has to appear, regardless of the status of the officer. When the defendant appears, and the officer doesn't, the case is dismissed and the defendant is free to go. In this case, the citing officer was killed in a traffic accident last year. So, obviously everyone he cited will have their cases dismissed, but they have to appear in court. As Dolcefino left he said he was going to do a story. Now, I would like to ask Mr. Dolcefino if this was his plan all along. See, when the officer was killed, it made headlines, his name and picture were all over the news for days. Surely a 'crack' reporter like Dolcefino would have realized this was the same officer who cited him and knew his case would be dismissed. I think Dolcefino planned his little rant looking for a story. It wouldn't be the first time he's set himself up looking for something, like the time he was caught trespassing and asked to leave. He then tried bullying the officers with his position, but he left.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

San Antonio Pix

The front of my hotel.

Riverwalk on a cloudy day.

An intersection.

An old church.

The Alamo!

Even on cloudy days people will come see this shrine.

A vacant high-rise littered with graffiti.

I had to walk past the greyhound station. About 12 years ago some
friends and I had to return by bus. All I remember about this station
is the derelicts that hang around out front. The guy in the blue denim
jacket and cap was staring at me pretty hard as I walked by.

Something in the water.

Inside the river city mall. Perhaps about 20 years ago I was in
San Antonio with my mom and grandmother. On this little stage
some cover band played. My mom still has the pictures.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Video From San Antonio

This is a video clip I shot while my GPS was leading me to a cow pasture that it thought a restaurant sat. This is me driving down S. Flores street. Take a look at the kind of neighborhood. I wouldn't want to get out and have to walk down this street.

Two Years Ago She Was In A Fight For Her Life

Two years ago today a police officer was working the night shift. She pulled over a car on a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, a drunk driver (an illegal immigrant with previous drunk driving arrests) slammed into her patrol car, which became airborne and hit the violator truck. She wound up underneath the cars after the patrol car landed. The officer was knocked out immediately. Assistance was called and the scene was flooded by flashing emergency lights. The officer was rushed to the hospital where she soon regained consciousness. Fortunately she didn't remember the crash. However she was in for a long haul, both physically and mentally. It took a long time, but she did recover.
Then came the criminal justice system, the system that is supposed to punish the guilty and help the victims. Even though the drunk driver was in the country illegally, the decision was made not to deport him because he was a "non violent offender." So, an illegal immigrant with prior drunk driving arrests can crash into a police officer and still remain in this country. The drunk was only charged with felony drive while intoxicated and given a light sentence. He wasn't charged with intoxication assault because, to quote the assistant district attorney handling the case "at least he didn't mean to do it!" So, according to the Harris County District Attorney's Office as long as the drunk didn't mean to almost kill the officer, it's okay (and people wonder why I had little faith in Chuck Rosenthal before his email scandal). I guarantee had the victim been a relative of that DA, then that drunk would have never seen daylight again.
Now, the illegal immigrant/drunk driver is in prison. TDCJ is trying to get the officer to meet up with him for some "forgiveness dialogue." Of course that is the officer's decision to make and we here at the blog support whatever choice she makes. The problem I have with this whole ordeal is how it seems that the system seemed less concerned with her well being than with the drunk's actions. They refused to deport him when his prison time is up, and they sought a quick disposition to the case rather than throw the book at him. The officer is back on the job, but her ordeal isn't behind her. However, she is looking to show others the dangers of drunk driving. I hope it shows the public how lax the system can be when it comes to protecting the very people that support it. Still though, the most important aspect is the officer survived and is back on the job.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Off to San Antonio.....

I've started packing my single suitcase for a three day/three night trip to San Antonio. The purpose of my trip is a combination of business and maybe some fun. I'm going to a street survival seminar. I have attended one of these before and it's full of information. It also serves as a reminder to guard against complacency. I also had planned to stay an extra day thinking that I, and my homie from work would do something Tuesday night. Let me back up, I thought he and I were going to bunk together. I kept asking him about the hotel arrangements. He said, "D is supposed to be working on that!" Well, no disrespect to D, but he can't even return a phone call so I fail to see how the hell he can be trusted with rooming accommodations. So, I learn the art of expedia, and priceline and find a good hotel. Since the hotel the seminar is in is too damn expensive, I find the next best thing. I find a hotel, on the riverwalk, and right across the street from the seminar! Talk about awesome. All I have to do is wake up, eat breakfast, and walk across the street. Well, my homie finds a cheaper hotel a mile away. The hotel is nice, but it's underneath the damn freeway! I read the reviews and most of them say "nice hotel, shady area, full of bums!" My response is "oh hell no!" I'm picky about hotels. I will shell out some extra cash to stay in a better area. So, I'm stuck with a room for 2 adults and it's going to be just me. Oh well, I can live with that. Then comes the kicker! My homie cancels because he is low on funds due to another trip. Damn it! So, now it's me, and some guys from work, but I don't hang out with them. Plus, I'm staying a day by myself. So, then I ask myself, "what's a lone guy with a free night going to do?" Well, the obvious answer is the strip naked club, but that's really not a good idea. So I looked up some websites. Yep, I got the idea to see if I couldn't hook up with some group in San Antonio to participate in an activity I enjoy very much. You meet up with the people, pay your money, and they give you, well, uh, let's say a "lay of the land." That's right, I mean a walking ghost tour. Huh? What did you think I meant? You perverts, get your damned mind out of the gutter! Anyway, I'm going to shoot some pictures and hopefully post them on here. So, you all take care and will be back Wednesday.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chris Muir nails it

Last year, the Democrats dragged a man that had just had a liver transplant to Austin and set him up on a hospital bed in the Senate Chambers in order to prevent the passage of Voter ID. They claimed up to 15% of democrat voters would be disenfranchised. But as it turns out, the entire Democrat primary process is designed to disenfranchise large numbers (over 33%!) of democrat voters. First, you have the primary, that chooses 2/3 of the delegates, then another third are chosen by those who show back up after the primary. those delegates disenfranchise those who could only attend the primary. Then on the national level they have almost 800 super delegates to disenfranchise even more voters.

DNC, your hypocracy is showing.