Friday, October 31, 2008

Updte: Lloyd Kelley Pays Out

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I brought to the forefront Rick Casey's article about Lloyd Kelley and his legal math?

Well, Mr. Casey has written a follow up article.

Mr. Kelley has paid the Ibarra brothers $115,000. Now, it doesn't stop there. The Ibarra brothers have filed a complaint with the state bar of Texas.

What a mess!


I found this guy at the intersection of Mason and Katy Frwy. He didn't strike me as homeless. He struck me as someone who lives in Katy. Maybe...
1-He's doing a project for school
2-He's supporting his meth habit (meth is big in the Katy area)
3-This is how he makes his living.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rudi Lechner

One day in October, for the four years we go to Rudi Lechner's and celebrate Oktoberfest. I don't really know what Oktoberfest is other than the German equivalent of St. Patty's Day and another reason for us to get together and drink. We have good food, German beer, and my homie and I get the coffee goodnight which you see being made by Rudi himself. It's a tradition. As is the yearly trip to the Ren Fest. I'll be going on Nov. 9.

B-17 Pilot Tells a Story

The Houston Chronicle brings us the video of a WWII B-17 bomber pilot tell a story of being shot down. Watch and listen. Stories like this need to be preserved.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meida drags out Jasper, TX again

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The news loves to bring out the murder of James Byrd in Jasper. Here we have a story of three drunks, one black and two white, going on a beer run. For whatever reason, one of the men was killed and the other two are charged with murder. Okay, fine let the system run its course. Of course the elite news media has a dim view of rural Texans and just love to bring out the Jasper murder so they can play the race angle. I'm still waiting for the elite news media to talk about Ken Tillery.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Record Early Voting Turnout

Early voting started yesterday and in Harris County a lot of people jumped at the chance to get their voice heard the first day. People were lined up here in west Harris County. It took roughly 30 minutes to get through the line and into the polling station. It is funny how come people feel their views and attitude need to be shared by everyone. For example, one guy drove his truck by the line and said "this shows all these people are unhappy with George Bush!" I looked at him and said "uh no sir people just want to vote!" This guy reminded me of Ted Rall. I saw him in the line striking up conversations. It was clear to me that he was a reincarnation of someone that drank Jim Jones' kool-aid. He is the type of person who is blindly one-sided and very selective about which facts he would bring into a debate and try to drown the other side out by shouting. He was the kind of person who will use the buzz words "censorship" and "freedom of speech" yet wouldn't have a problem jailing people who disagreed with him (if he had the authority). A woman walked up not knowing if she could vote here. She didn't know if she was registered in Harris or Fort Bend County. This clown jumps up calling the Harris County democrat party (trying to recruit her). I suggested she call the county clerk's office and ask. Although if she's too stupid to know where she registered to vote then maybe she ought not to vote. Okay, that's a joke, but a semi-valid point.

Then, an elderly lady just pushed her car (the white one) into the cramped handicapped parking space. I tried to help her back in by watching the other car. She totally ignored me when I told her to stop instead tapping the other car. She didn't even care! Fortunately the owner of the other car wasn't concerned, no harm no foul. Anyway, get out and vote and be polite and respectful about it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Seems Like The Ibarra Brothers Can't Get a Break...

First the Ibarra brothers sue Harris County and win. Now they are suing their former lawyer Lloyd Kelley over expenses they (the brothers) claim are excessive and shouldn't have to pay. One of those expenses is $20,000 to Quanell X. Mr. Kelley claims (and Mr. X concurs) the money is for "jury consultation." Yet, Rick Casey's article says;

"(Randy) Sorrels says Kelley told the brothers the payment to Quanell X was for organizing a demonstration march."

KTRK's Jessica Willey did a story about the Quanell X fee. She got a rather defensive Mr. X. Did he get $20,000 to organize a protest and pack the courtroom with supporters? Were any of those in attendance paid to be there? Community activists get paid pretty well seems like.

Reading Ruth Rendon's article is enough to make one want to get a law license. That way anyone can get "crazy paid" as the rappers put it. Look at this "legal math."

"The brothers received a $1.7 million settlement earlier this year. Kelley asked the court for $2.2 million in legal fees but was awarded $1.4 million."

"Kelley said he had $300,000 in expenses, but a judge approved a reimbursement of only $51,000."

"The lawsuit says Kelley filed paperwork with the court showing $130,000 in expenses, not $300,000. The lawsuit filed says Kelley distributed $400,000 to each brother but has refused to distribute the remaining $900,000 of the settlement."

"Kelley has submitted a letter to the brothers asking for $256,311 for expenses "over $120,000 more than originally disclosed to either the plaintiffs or the court.""

If the Ibarras' allegations are true, the justice system (both criminal and civil) is really sticking it to them! Got to love lawyers!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cop Killer Needs Mental Evaluation

Remember Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder? He was run down by Hung Truong who was laughing as he was taken into custody. Truong has been ruled 'incompetent' to stand trial and must submit to an evaluation. Afterwards he will be brought back and they will try again. His charge of manslaughter is still pending. It hasn't been dismissed as of yet. Still, who wants this guy on the streets to begin with?

Carnaby Shooting Video

Everyone in the Houston area is familiar with the Roland Carnaby shooting. He was stopped for speeding and claimed he was a federal agent and acting nervous. Naturally, the suspicious nature of the cop kicked in and they were going to detain him to investigate. Instead Mr. Carnaby drove off leading police on a chase putting everyone's life in danger. There were weapons in the vehicle. At the end of the chase Mr. Carnaby appeared to reach for something, making the officer think he was pulling one of his weapons and the officer shot him. He later died. Now his widow is suing the police for a scenario that her husband created. There has been speculation back and forth about whether or not Mr. Carnaby was a CIA agent. The CIA have denied it. The ACLU cop-hating attorney Randall Kallenin says they have proof he worked for the "national security interests" of the country. Well, bring it on! Let's see the evidence. Maybe it could give an insight as to why Mr. Carnaby chose to run in the first place, an issue neither Mr. Kallenin or Mrs. Carnaby have been able to explain. I rather liked this line;

"Carnaby's widow is seeking an undisclosed amount of money and hopes to get HPD's chase policy changed."

What changes could possible be made here? Knowing Mr. Kallenin's past views probably to end police chases all together. After all, ACLU lawyers have an annoying tendency to advocate letting the inmates run the asylum.

Click here to watch the video of the chase and the shooting. Keep in mind that the officers knew they were chasing a man claiming to be a federal agent and knew he was armed. When he finally does stop, two officers are on the passenger side trying to get him to come out. Then, Carnaby opens the door and as you can see, he is reaching down, an officer comes to him and cannot see his hands. Remembering this guy has weapons in the car, the officer, in fear for his life shoots then runs off getting out of the way. The way I see it, the only person responsible for this death is Mr. Carnaby himself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love Halloween

Found this at Walgreens. Just had to put it up outside our Fort Bend home. What do you think?

San Antonio Officers Put At Risk By Their Own Chief?

"Citing research that links Tasers to the deaths of drug users, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus announced a new policy banning the use of the weapons on anyone known to be under the influence."

Which research? Obviously Chief McManus didn't read this article. Plus, can anyone show me an article where an officer who was tased during training has died? How about someone on PCP? We all know someone on PCP has superhuman strength and have been known to cause major damage to people and property. Yet Chief here expects his officers to physically fight with someone on PCP. I am sending an email for clarification on this. After all, I'd hate to think Chief McManus would prefer his officers risk death or injury fighting someone under the influence rather than simply tase them and risk the bad press that comes with the death of a crook who made the wrong choice.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Probably Never Heard of Outside of His Town

(Image Courtesy of Margaret Denny-The Monitor and the Houston Chronicle)

The Houston Chronicle had this fascinating story of a tombstone that wound up in South Padre Island. Hurricane Ike more than likely washed this ashore all the way from San Juan, TX. It is the tombstone of 16 year old Luis Martinez who was killed in a car crash. Like me he lived in a small town. I bet hardly anyone outside of San Juan knew him. With his tombstone washing up in South Padre Island he will become better known. Well Luis, rest in peace. It's sad such a young life was cut short.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Same Old Tired Lines

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety had a new rule go into effect on October 1. for non- U.S. citizens to show proof that they are in the country legally before they can renew their driver's license. This means that resident aliens and others who are legally in the country (for the time being) and obtain a driver's license in Texas have to show proof they are still in the country on a legal basis before they can renew their licenses. Of course licenses are renewed every seven years (I think). The Houston Chronicle did a story on this yesterday, and today have another story about how the pro-illegal immigrant lobby is pissed off. The usual arguments are being tossed about.

"...immigrant groups, lawmakers and Hispanic activists, who predict it will boost the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers on Texas roads. Others fear it will boost a robust black market trade in counterfeit documents."

These illegal operations have always been there and always will be. The underlying goal of these rouge lawmakers and activists are to legitimize illegal immigrants. That's always been their goal.

"It's a bad idea," said Rick Dovalina, a Houston attorney and past national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "If you look at it strictly as a public policy, the undocumented should be issued a driver license because they would be able to drive legally, and buy insurance, and protect other people in case they have an accident."

Of course someone from LULAC would say that. Yet, some insurance companies are already selling policies to people using the Mexican consulate identification cards instead of driver's licenses. Of course, I've yet to see what happens when these people get into an accident and try to file a claim.

"DPS officials insist the rule changes are not an anti-immigrant measure, but intended to safeguard the licensing process and reduce identity fraud and theft."

Ya think? After all, we wouldn't want any illegal voting going on would we (see previous post)?

"But at least one Texas lawmaker, Rep. Robert A. Alonzo, D-Dallas, called the DPS rule change unlawful profiling and said the state agency is ill-equipped to enforce federal immigration laws."

Of course! We can't have a discussion about illegal immigration without some fool trying to throw the buzz word 'profiling' in the mix. Apparently Rep. Alonzo doesn't seem to care that it is up to the person renewing the license to provide DPS with proof. So how is that profiling? It doesn't say "all Hispanics must show proof of their citizenship.." yet that is what Alonzo and LULAC will tell their lobbies. From past chronicle stories about sympathizing with illegal immigrants I imagine they agree. Although at the very bottom of the story you read this;


"But at the Houston driver's license office, air-conditioning technician Roger Cook favored the tougher rules for immigrants."

"If they're here illegally, they shouldn't be able to have the privileges of American citizens," said Cook, adding he missed six months of work last year while recovering from injuries received when an undocumented driver slammed into his car."

The Dead Do Have a Say

Talk about a hearty introduction. A local group known as the Texas Watchdog got featured in the nationally known Drudge Report today with their breaking story about finding 4,000 "dead" voters in Harris County alone. From the link local KPRC did their own story on it. The Watchdog did a comparison of voter rolls and death records. Now, if a private group can do this, why can't Harris County? It seems funny how the media handles stories of voter fraud. For example, the media has spun the line about George Bush stealing the election in 2000 so many times that many people feel it is true. Yet, as the Watchdog points out, "George W. Bush actually won Florida by 1,665 votes in 2000, according to a hand recount after the election commissioned by USA Today, the Miami Herald and Knight Ridder." Now, anyone remember the group ACORN? Yep, the same ACORN that sued and threw temper tantrums when FEMA wanted to stop paying for Hurricane Katrina evacuees who still weren't trying to improve their own situation two years later. As the Watchdog points out, ACORN is under investigation for some of the biggest voter fraud scams in history. I have not seen many stories about that. There are probably even fewer stories highlighting Barrack Obama's connections to ACORN.
Anyhow, kudos to the Texas Watchdog for doing what Harris County should have been doing from the get-go. Four thousand "dead" voters could tilt an election.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Problems at the Chronicle???

I recall a story about the unemployment rate slightly rising. Then, another story comes out that the chronicle is having to lay off some of its personnel. The obvious question is the chronicle layoffs a result or a cause. Now, thanks to bloghouston, we're learning that the chronicle is buying out some of its people. Click here to read the memo.

What could cause the chronicle to have to lay off some of its people? Could it be its continued, blaring biases? Could it be the tendency to put editorials in the news sections? Could it be to embarrassingly obvious mistakes such as getting wrong the date of the worst terrorist attack on American soil? Could it be the thousands of angry public servants who probably cancelled their subscriptions along with many friends and family? I don't know but something over there isn't working. If money becomes tight over there perhaps the chronicle could have an ad page for "massage parlors" and transsexual escorts like the Houston Press does.