Saturday, January 19, 2008

For Taser, Same Song 100th Verse

Here we have another person blinded by raw emotion and no rational judgment. A woman is suing Harris County and Taser International because two years ago, her son was tased while in jail and died afterward. To save time I will go over the facts briefly.

1-The guy was in jail for auto theft.
2-Was uncooperative when they wanted to move him to the mental unit (meaning he didn't do what he was told and rather than risk personal injury to the deputies by physically fighting he was tased)
3-according to the article "....died from pyschotic delirium associated with hypertension cardiovascular disease."

Pay attention to that last line. In just about every lawsuit involving a taser, the deceased was later discovered that their heart seized up due to overexertion from resisting the police and/or drug use. The plantiff's argument is that the taser brought it on. The facts say the resisting the police brought it on. It annoys me that many criminals, their families, and news reporters feel that police should lay down and get injured at the hands of someone who is mentally ill. They seem to feel that police should defend themselves only from people who are intentionally and knowingly trying to hurt them. If the person is having a psychotic episode and think they are fighting satan, then the police should turn the other cheek. The chronicle says this, "....according to the lawsuit, Kelley, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder...." This is troublesome because bipolar disorder has become a crutch in which people are using to avoid personal responsibility. I've lost count of how many times people have tried to justify their violent, or larcenous behaviour by claiming bipolar disorder. I also fear that soon this crutch will become "conventional wisdom" which is usually repeated falsehoods told in the press that people will then accept as gospel truth.

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