Wednesday, January 16, 2008


"People kill people, and I don't know why!" Even though that line was from a TV show it hit a nerve and I've never forgotten it. I feel men are more prone to get the foolish notion in their heads that when life is really, really tough the only answer is to kill the one he loved then kill himself. It's a coward's way out. I know sometimes life can hand us a real crap sandwich. However, the choices are eat it, or throw it back at the person who handed it to you. Officer Gary shares a similar story. No matter how many times we see these stories we feel sympathy for the murder victim, and curse the murderer/suicide victim. Another line from that show (one that I've actually said to people) "how dark and dreary is your existence when compared to an eternal void!"

Last week a similar situation occurred in Harris County. A young man, upset at whatever came to his girlfriend's house and shot up the place. He let her leave, but shot himself. The SWAT team came out and discovered the body. If someone has to die, then let it be the one who has decided to end their own life and not someone who wants to live.

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