Saturday, January 12, 2008

A New Way to Discipline Kids, And Not Go To Jail

This is an interesting way to discipline children nowadays. I remember if I really acted up, I got spanked and it hurt like hell. Then the message to fight child abuse turned into if a bad kid gets disciplined they should call the police and have the parent(s) hauled off to jail. That may account for why many parents today are afraid to discipline their children. This mother said she wanted to "teach them a lesson" so she dumped them off at a fire station, taking advantage of the safe haven law signed in 1999. She told investigators she just couldn't deal with them. I can only guess as to what these kids were doing. My guess is that they were acting up and she felt she had nobody to turn to for help. So, she went to this extreme measure as a cry for help. What bothers me about this is that other parents may get the idea and start bringing their bad kids to fire stations or hospitals and leaving them there which will be a huge headache for police and CPS, not to mention using a lot of resources that could be used for real emergencies.

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