Thursday, January 3, 2008

Michael Berry Carjacked

I'm glad former councilman Michael Berry got out alive. A vehicle can be replaced, people cannot be. The way I see this Mr. Berry has experienced what many residents in that part of Houston experience everyday, criminals! I usually make a practice to get in my car and immediately lock the doors, especially in that part of town. I've had two instances in mid-town Houston where someone tried to open my door and get into my vehicle. Fortunately, the doors were locked and they couldn't get in and I hit the gas pedal and got out of there. I suggest all of you do the same no matter where you drive. Another issue I have is with the asylum yard that constitutes quite a few of the chronicle comments. Nobody deserves to be carjacked (well there can be some exceptions, notably defense lawyers and race/poverty hustlers). Yet some people feel that Mr. Berry deserves it because of his political views. Read some of the comments left by people. It makes me shake my head and think someone at a hospital somewhere left a back door open. This experience should give Mr. Berry a renewed vigor on his talk show and any possible future political endeavors he may partake in.

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