Saturday, September 4, 2010

Death of Joshuah Cavins

While skimming through headlines I came across this story.

According to the news he and another motorcyclist were spotting running a red light by Kemah police. When officers attempted to stop them Cavins took off while the other person wisely stopped. Officers pursued Cavins but lost sight of them. Those bikes easily outrun police cruisers. They found Cavins' bike crashed out and his body about 75ft away. One note at the bottom caught my attention;

"The profile photo on Cavins' facebook page....."

Out of curiosity I did a search and found his page. Two things caught my eyes. First, he was married. Second, his last wall post dated August 11 that reads "I think I have died and gone to hell!" For his sake I hope he was wrong. I also found a picture of him with a young child. This whole thing bugs the hell out of me. Most likely he would have gotten a traffic ticket which is easily handled. I would like to ask him was that brash decision in the heat of the moment worth leaving behind a widow? Life is better lived with something to live for. Anyone who knows me I have zero sympathy for those who run from the police and die as a result of it. However just my brief glimpse into this man's life shows me two things he had going for them and he threw them away. I feel for those two. I hope God eases their suffering.