Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hit & Run


So why are there so many hit and run accidents in the Harris County area? Well, when I read the headline on this I thought it would be more in depth than it actually was. What this article does is take some of the higher profile cases and re-tell those stories. However, there are dozens and dozens of these hit and run (the legal term is fail to stop and give information FSGI) every single day in this metropolis. The reasons vary, but are generally the same stories over and over;

1) The driver had been drinking. Surprise, a lot of drunk drivers running these roads.

2) The driver knows he/she has warrants

3) The driver has no insurance

4) The driver had no driver's license

5) The car is stolen

6) The driver is an illegal alien (related to reasons 3 and 4)

7) People here are of the mind set they don't want to be involved in anything traumatic and feel someone else should handle it

What struck me as odd about this article is I've been saying this for years, yet now the chronicle makes a half-hearted attempt to answer this question and they still fall short.

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