Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chronicle Strings Harp For Quanell X


Isn't this a touching article? Let me tell you what this article is for. Every time Quanell jumps in front of a camera spouting his nonsense, the chronicle gets bombarded in the comments section and from local bloggers reminding people just who this man really is and what he's done (or in my case what he hasn't done which is improve life in any of the communities he has marched in). Well, I guess the chronicle got tired of it and someone suggested Quanell visit the holocaust museum so his friends in the local newspaper can write a nice puff piece. So, the next time Quanell goes marching and people flood the chronicle with negative comments and emails, the chronicle will point this piece out and say "he's apologized, so you can't throw any negativity back our way!" I'd like to see if the chronicle will do a nice puff piece on Chuck Rosenthal's 'sincere' apology. We all know they won't do that. The status quo double standard allows the chronicle to accept Quanell's 'apology' but it will never accept one from Rosenthal.

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