Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chronicle Strings Harp For Quanell X


Isn't this a touching article? Let me tell you what this article is for. Every time Quanell jumps in front of a camera spouting his nonsense, the chronicle gets bombarded in the comments section and from local bloggers reminding people just who this man really is and what he's done (or in my case what he hasn't done which is improve life in any of the communities he has marched in). Well, I guess the chronicle got tired of it and someone suggested Quanell visit the holocaust museum so his friends in the local newspaper can write a nice puff piece. So, the next time Quanell goes marching and people flood the chronicle with negative comments and emails, the chronicle will point this piece out and say "he's apologized, so you can't throw any negativity back our way!" I'd like to see if the chronicle will do a nice puff piece on Chuck Rosenthal's 'sincere' apology. We all know they won't do that. The status quo double standard allows the chronicle to accept Quanell's 'apology' but it will never accept one from Rosenthal.

Cop Killer Kills Self


I will admit it, I clapped my hands and shouted "yippie" when I read this story. I remember the day Deputy Joseph Dennis was murdered by Jesus Flores. I also remember the insult a couple of years later when some stupid campaign that wanted people to comfort murderers did a feature on Flores. I remember reading his profile saying some crap about being confused and having a bad time. I don't think it mentioned in the profile that he murdered a police officer. Well, regardless, Flores killed himself saving the state a lot of trouble. Of course it probably won't be long before the news outlets and the usual suspects come out of the woodwork crying "foul" or "conspiracy" and demand "justice." If you want sympathy from me for this cop killer, then you're sadly mistaken. I say good riddance Jesus Flores!

Hit & Run


So why are there so many hit and run accidents in the Harris County area? Well, when I read the headline on this I thought it would be more in depth than it actually was. What this article does is take some of the higher profile cases and re-tell those stories. However, there are dozens and dozens of these hit and run (the legal term is fail to stop and give information FSGI) every single day in this metropolis. The reasons vary, but are generally the same stories over and over;

1) The driver had been drinking. Surprise, a lot of drunk drivers running these roads.

2) The driver knows he/she has warrants

3) The driver has no insurance

4) The driver had no driver's license

5) The car is stolen

6) The driver is an illegal alien (related to reasons 3 and 4)

7) People here are of the mind set they don't want to be involved in anything traumatic and feel someone else should handle it

What struck me as odd about this article is I've been saying this for years, yet now the chronicle makes a half-hearted attempt to answer this question and they still fall short.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Why Was a Criminal Given a Badge?


In my humble opinion, I think this article was meant more to embarrass the San Antonio Police Department. However, I think it serves to shed some light on a problem that wasn't talked about before. In this story, a former officer pled guilty and will be sentenced for allowing his girlfriend to sell methamphetamine out of their house. This article dug into the hiring process that allowed this man, with a pretty good criminal history and problems with prior jobs to become a police officer;

"....hired by the department in 1994 despite being rejected two years earlier for reasons including a drunken driving conviction, a newspaper reports."

"Background investigators also concluded that Joseph Anthony Evans tried to hide a criminal trespass arrest, a hit-and-run conviction and an internal investigation of sexual misconduct at a corrections officer job."

"San Antonio police had also originally denied Evans a badge because polygraphs showed deceptive or inconclusive answers to questions ranging from illegal drug use to stealing from employers."

Now why would they take him? It would boggle the mind of any normal person.

"Sandoval, who retired in 1997, said he overrode other rejections from applicant screeners amid political pressure from City Hall to hire more black and female officers."

There is the problem! Political pressure creating racial and gender quotas. When police agencies are told to they need to hire a certain race and/or gender the standards tend to get put on the sideline. I remember an instance where a man was rejected by the Houston Police Department because he had some problems with bad checks. They said they weren't sure he would be honest. They had to dig deep into his background to find that out. However, they took another candidate (different race). Unfortunately they didn't look too hard into his background or they would have found his Michigan murder warrant before they hired him. The rejected candidate was hired at another agency, was promoted to sergeant, and recently retired after many years of service. Political correctness has done nothing to improve society. Police agencies have hiring standards for a reason. They want only qualified, ethical people working. We, as a society expect police officers to be honorable, honest, and ethical. Do you want your heart to be operated on by someone who graduated tops in medical school through diligent study and practice? Or do you want someone who was hired to make the hospital appear more diverse? When tin horn politicians come demanding quotas in hiring, then the standards are lowered and unqualified people slip through the cracks. If you want some information on the consequences of this, read these articles by Larry Elder.

Article 1

Article 2

Sadly, this politically correct madness will never stop. For the status quo it's too beneficial and any attempts to end it will be resisted. I would like to see standards used, and eliminate the race and gender questions on hiring applications and forms altogether.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entertainment While You Wait

I was going through a drive thru window when I saw this guy in the next lot over. The girl at the window says he is always there. So this leads me to believe that he is either homeless and a mental health consumer. Or that he is a mental health consumer who lives nearby.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Boo-Hoo


Name me any government entity with a high morale right now. I find it rather amusing that the chronicle seems to focus on low morale at the DA's office. Especially low morale that it helped spread. Every agency and business is going to have bad apples. However the media favorites are public servants. They are held to a higher standard than the rest of the population mainly because they usually hold positions that allow them to pass judgment on other people. Of course people hate to be judged by someone else and tend to take the view that the judge feels themselves superior to those he/she judges. The natural tendency here is to look for a fault and either exploit it or blow it way out of proportion to topple the judgmental giant. That's why it's a scandal when Rosenthal gets caught with inappropriate emails that thousands of teachers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, news reporters, etc also have on their company emails.

"A veteran prosecutor, Davidson said the rest of the office soldiers on while Rosenthal is criticized."

It's a wonder they can get out of bed in the mornings. I'd like to know what they are saying behind closed doors.

"We're uncomfortable. We're embarrassed. We're humiliated," Davidson said."

Why? She didn't do anything. Her boss fouled up and should fade the heat. However we all know that when a public scandal breaks out people tend to paint everyone in that agency with the same brush. When a police officer gets arrested, many will try to tell you that the whole agency is corrupt. Look at chronicle comments. Let me ask you all this. Do you assume all female school teachers have sex with their students? Do you assume all news reporters get caught driving drunk, or assaulting someone? Do you assume all investigative journalists have previous arrests for drugs and assaulting their women? Let's be consistent here.

If prosecutors in the DA's office want a reason to feel ashamed then they need look no further than the competence of some of their own personnel. For example, an officer tried to get a charge on a man who violated a protective order. The assistant DA refused to prosecute because they said only violations of emergency protective orders were arrestable. The full, two-year orders were only civil in nature. That DA was so wrong. Obviously they haven't read their family code in a while because another assistant DA read the case and agreed to prosecute. One assistant DA was asked by an officer a long time ago if the law reads the same in the law books, then why does it seem to change depending on which assistant DA answers the phone. He didn't have an answer, only snide comments.

In conclusion. If anyone actually thinks business was hunky dory at the DA's office before this scandal made headlines then they need to put down the newspaper, turn off the TV news, and actually ask someone who has to deal with them on a regular basis.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Why Fences Make Good Neighbors: International Edition

Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up.

Seems the politicians in the Mexican state of Sonora have a problem with Arizona's new employer sanction laws. You see, they are upset because Sonora cannot cope with the massive influx of Mexicans returning to Mexico.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Perhaps the Mexican government sees our side of the issue now.... Nah, never happen.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Houdini Visits Dallas

The Dallas Morning News reported on January 19, 1916, that famous escape artist Harry Houdini visited Dallas and performed before a crowd of about 10,000 people. Houdini donned a straitjacket and was hung upside down from a news building. While hanging upside down, about 50 feet in the air, Houdini escaped from the jacket in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds!

Skies Over Stephenville

The January 8, sighting of mysterious lights in the skies over Stephenville, TX has UFO fever running throughout the town. I think the town is basking in its 15-minutes of fame over this. That is unless more sightings are reported. I wouldn't go as far as to say that Stephenville will replace Roswell, NM, as the UFO capitol. After all, a UFO hasn't reportedly crashed in TX (that I know of anyway). Anyway we will see what happens. Mysterious objects in the skies over Texas, especially west Texas is nothing new really.

For Taser, Same Song 100th Verse


Here we have another person blinded by raw emotion and no rational judgment. A woman is suing Harris County and Taser International because two years ago, her son was tased while in jail and died afterward. To save time I will go over the facts briefly.

1-The guy was in jail for auto theft.
2-Was uncooperative when they wanted to move him to the mental unit (meaning he didn't do what he was told and rather than risk personal injury to the deputies by physically fighting he was tased)
3-according to the article "....died from pyschotic delirium associated with hypertension cardiovascular disease."

Pay attention to that last line. In just about every lawsuit involving a taser, the deceased was later discovered that their heart seized up due to overexertion from resisting the police and/or drug use. The plantiff's argument is that the taser brought it on. The facts say the resisting the police brought it on. It annoys me that many criminals, their families, and news reporters feel that police should lay down and get injured at the hands of someone who is mentally ill. They seem to feel that police should defend themselves only from people who are intentionally and knowingly trying to hurt them. If the person is having a psychotic episode and think they are fighting satan, then the police should turn the other cheek. The chronicle says this, "....according to the lawsuit, Kelley, who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder...." This is troublesome because bipolar disorder has become a crutch in which people are using to avoid personal responsibility. I've lost count of how many times people have tried to justify their violent, or larcenous behaviour by claiming bipolar disorder. I also fear that soon this crutch will become "conventional wisdom" which is usually repeated falsehoods told in the press that people will then accept as gospel truth.

Strange, Just Strange


The people of Alice, Texas, are probably thoroughly embarrassed. I can't say that I blame them. Check this out. A man asks his neighbor to baby sit his Shih-Tzu. The neighbor also happens to be the neighbor. The dog is reported missing by the mayor. It is shortly thereafter found at her sister's house in the country. Oops! Nobody buys the mysterious woman who found it and dropped it off explanation. The owners of the dog call to check on it to be told that the dog died. However it is spotted in a grooming salon. Now, the mayor, and her sister are facing felony charges because the woman obviously has issues. Now, I love dogs, however I wouldn't dog sit and make up a story just to keep it. Geez!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bad Decision or Criminal Act?


Talk about bad decisions. Two girls were held at a mall for shoplifting. One of the girls calls this officer on his cell phone who comes in and leaves with the girls. Imagine the loss prevention personnel's surprise when they learned their call hadn't been dispatched and no officer had been sent to arrest the two girls. I would like to hear the other side of the story. If this is nothing more than a big misunderstanding then the officer needs to answer some hard questions.

".....came to the store in uniform and took the girls away, apparently after one of the girls called him on her cell phone...."

--Just how does this girl have his cell phone number? Relative, family friend, or other?

"....nor did he investigate the allegations or give security staff an offense report number, court documents state."

--Uh, why not?

The way I see it, why would he just take those girls and leave without calling the DA's office for charges? Why would he not leave them the case number? What made him think nobody would notice? This story will be good to keep an eye on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



"People kill people, and I don't know why!" Even though that line was from a TV show it hit a nerve and I've never forgotten it. I feel men are more prone to get the foolish notion in their heads that when life is really, really tough the only answer is to kill the one he loved then kill himself. It's a coward's way out. I know sometimes life can hand us a real crap sandwich. However, the choices are eat it, or throw it back at the person who handed it to you. Officer Gary shares a similar story. No matter how many times we see these stories we feel sympathy for the murder victim, and curse the murderer/suicide victim. Another line from that show (one that I've actually said to people) "how dark and dreary is your existence when compared to an eternal void!"

Last week a similar situation occurred in Harris County. A young man, upset at whatever came to his girlfriend's house and shot up the place. He let her leave, but shot himself. The SWAT team came out and discovered the body. If someone has to die, then let it be the one who has decided to end their own life and not someone who wants to live.

Attempted Suicide By Cop


More from the "too many criminals in this town" category. In this story, a man with a sexual assault of a child warrant ran from Houston police. He ran over some spike strips and eventually crashed out. The crook pointed a gun at the officers as he ran away. This tells me he didn't want to face the charge he had on him and was trying to goad the police into killing him. It was learned after the whole ordeal the pistol was actually a BB gun. Of course at the moment he pointed it at the officers they had no idea, they thought it was a real gun. I imagine it's only a matter of time until the news outlets go seeking out friends and family of the crook to criticize the officers defending themselves.

Modern Problems (i.e. Grand Jury Subpoenas)


With all the news coverage about problems with the government of Harris County (i.e. the district attorney's office, the tollroad authority, the metro transit authority, and the commissioner's court) let us not forget about the government of Houston. I've lost count of how many former Houston officials are in, or served prison time (i.e. Ben Reyes and Monique McGilbra). Right now, the feds are investigating some past city business.

"Work on the three facilities began during the administration of former Mayor Lee Brown."

I've had a theory since Bill White began all of his controversial projects that generate revenue (i.e. safe clear, red light cameras, apartment complex and convenience store security) stem from the messes made by Lee P. Brown. Although Bill White will never publicly admit it.

Teen Prostitutes in Fort Worth


In a manner of speaking this is a sign of the times. Street gang members doing what they do best, being criminals are trying to be as big as the mafia. In this story we have two Fort Worth gang members running a prostitution ring using underage girls from troubled homes. That is what irks me about this is how they found these 'troubled' girls and took advantage of them. It reminds of me many girls I've known over the years who say they are from troubled homes. I'd call it more drama than actual trouble. Anyhow, one of their bigger customers was a convenience store owner. What a piece of crap! I hope the judge throws these people away. What possible reason would society want any of these people running around? I bet sometime in the future more of these little teenage prostitution schemes will make the news. The more affluent the neighborhoods, the bigger the story.

Click here for a video report.

Monday, January 14, 2008

History in Houston


For years Houston has the reputation of demolishing the old to bring in the new. Of course some places needed to be razed and remodeled. However, for a city to be truly "world class" (in my humble opinion) it has to preserve some of its past. Walk into Barnes & Noble and go to the travel section. There you can find some historic books on Houston (and other Texas places also). I've found three books filled with historic photographs. In fact, I managed to snag a 2008 calender of old Houston photographs. It's amazing to look at these photographs and see how much this part of Texas has changed. There is an organization that recognizes the same thing. However they do more than I ever could in preserving history and making people aware of it. The Greater Houston Preservation Alliance has organized some walking tours of Houston. I got my first taste of walking tours in New Orleans and thought it would be great if someone did that over here. Now if I had any entrepreneur sense I would have done something, but I'm not. If you're into ghost tours like I am, perhaps you can check out this group. I would like to take some of these tours myself if I could find the time. My birthday is coming up, perhaps I can tell my wife that's what I'd like to do. Another interesting source of Houston history is a blog on the chronicle's website called Bayou City History.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sharpstown Mall In Trouble

When I read this article I was both a little saddened and not really surprised at all. Sharpstown is a historic part of town. My grandfather was an executive out there in the 1960s up through the 1980s. When Frank Sharp developed the area in the 1950s, it became a ritzy part of town. My grandmother and mother used to tell of how they would shop Sharpstown Mall back in those days and feel safe. In the parking lot of the mall sits an abandoned garage. This used to be the Montgomery Ward auto repair garage. My grandfather's company had many of its vehicles serviced there. Across the street south of the mall sit the Conquistador apartments. These were built in 1964 and were originally high class apartments. Many businessmen and professionals used to live there. In fact, today when you walk in the lobby, many of the original aspects still shine like new (well except for the original elevator). In the back of the front lobby sits an old bar that leads onto a patio. This looks like a setting for a 1960s Dean Martin movie. It truly is like walking back in time. Just across the street to the west of the mall is Demeris BBQ. Since 1967, it has served an excellent BBQ plate. In fact, one of the guys standing behind the counter (I can't remember his name) has been there from the beginning. My grandparents ate many a meals there. From dining there often myself when I worked down there, I noticed most of the customers were older people. I imagine they used to live (or still do) and/or work down there and are not going to break a tradition.
Starting with the scandal, that area declined over the years. Many apartments were built that became run down. During the 1990s, stories of the southwest cholos gang hit the papers like today's MS-13 gang. Now, Sharpstown has almost become synonymous with crime. Just behind the mall on the north side lie many run down apartment complexes. On Marinette lie the Royal Oaks. Before that it was named the Natchez House. It was a New Orleans theme (ironically it took in a lot of Katrina evacuees which caused a lot of problems for them). In 2001, two Houston Police Officers were shot, one of them fatally. The management back then had allowed many criminals (some just released from prison) to stay there. After the murders, the complex changed names and management. The new management did do a lot of cleaning. Then came the Katrina evacuees. Across the street are another complex. A lot of gang bangers and criminals lived there. One woman was evicted after threatening to shoot up another apartment over drugs and food stamps. The woman simply used a fake name and reapplied with the new management and was leased a new apartment. Then on, she carried on a feud with another woman that resulted in beatings, a shooting, and an attempted rundown with a vehicle. She was eventually arrested. In yet another complex, lived many prostitutes were squatting illegally. They were plying their trade, and even robbing people. Also behind the mall was a cantina. This place allowed anyone inside, no ID required. Cocaine and marijuana were sold on the grounds probably with the owner's help. Hundreds of people were arrested by police coming out of this place driving drunk and under the influence of cocaine for years. Only just recently has the cantina closed.
Today Sharpstown bills itself as "Houston's premier urban mall." This hasn't done anything to make the mall prosper. In fact, ask the people who live in that neighborhood. One woman told me only "thugs" shop there. Now, that's not entirely true. However, the tattoo-on-neck, grill-in-mouth look is not exactly one that inspires high opinions. Oh well, as I said. I was both a little saddened for the historic significance. However not surprised from what I've seen going on out there.

A New Way to Discipline Kids, And Not Go To Jail


This is an interesting way to discipline children nowadays. I remember if I really acted up, I got spanked and it hurt like hell. Then the message to fight child abuse turned into if a bad kid gets disciplined they should call the police and have the parent(s) hauled off to jail. That may account for why many parents today are afraid to discipline their children. This mother said she wanted to "teach them a lesson" so she dumped them off at a fire station, taking advantage of the safe haven law signed in 1999. She told investigators she just couldn't deal with them. I can only guess as to what these kids were doing. My guess is that they were acting up and she felt she had nobody to turn to for help. So, she went to this extreme measure as a cry for help. What bothers me about this is that other parents may get the idea and start bringing their bad kids to fire stations or hospitals and leaving them there which will be a huge headache for police and CPS, not to mention using a lot of resources that could be used for real emergencies.

Borris Miles Back In The News

According to this article state representative Borris Miles-D Houston, may have stepped in it again. Apparently representative Miles crashed a party and acted like Don Corleone. Let's see, to make it brief, according to the complaint;

"He was saying things such as, 'I told you to get out of the insurance business. There ain't room in this town for the two of us. I'm going to come after you and take you down,' " (David) Harris said."

"During their confrontation, Harris said Miles proclaimed himself a "gangster" and "thug," before kissing Harris on both cheeks and then the mouth. Miles then pulled out a gun and placed it in Harris' hand, witnesses said.
"He was acting as if there was some sort of symbolic power struggle, grabbing him by the face," said Nathaniel Rido, who attended the party.
Rido said Miles also kissed his wife, Krysynthia, before leaving, an act that still angers him."

In case anyone has forgotten, Miles earned himself a little notoriety when he shot a burglar who was stealing copper from a home he was having built. This took place last July. While many people (myself included) didn't have a problem with him shooting a burglar, what we found a little hypocritical was that he voted against the castle doctrine law that was passed last year here in Texas. The way I see it, rep. Miles sounds like he has let power get to his head. If the December incident is true, then this man is a menace. Eventually he is going to have to talk to the news and give his side of the story. It will be interesting to hear it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Must See Digital Video...


Hopefully this link will load up. I don't know what kind of program he uses. Anyway, check out the video of these two geniuses who visited a Houston pain clinic and was driving under the influence back to Louisiana. This woman is lucky she didn't hit anyone or anything.

Invasions, Nothing New


The group Judicial Watch has released a report that they say documents many incursions by Mexican agents into the United States at points in Arizona and Texas. One incident quoted occurred at El Paso;

"[Troopers] attempted to apprehend three vehicles believed to be smuggling contraband on I-10 … As the vehicles approached the border, [troopers] stated that a Mexican Military Humvee armed with a .50 caliber weapon and several soldiers were seen assisting smugglers return to Mexico … Officers then noticed several armed subjects dressed in fatigue type clothing unload the contraband into the Humvee. These subjects set fire to the stalled vehicle before leaving the area."

Make no mistake, Mexican drug cartels and their "soldados" do cross the border and come into the country illegally. Stunningly, the federal government seems to turn a blind eye to this. Our government hardly wants to touch the issue of illegal immigration and illegal incursions from south of the border. I'll let you all speculate on why this is. All I will say is I think it is part of a political strategy by both republicans and democrats in the fight for a voting bloc.

Anyway, I want to remind people about history. Border incursions really are not anything new. In fact, since Texas gained its independence from Mexico it's been an ongoing phenomena. For example, in 1842, twice, Mexican troops crossed into Texas and briefly captured San Antonio. They didn't hold it, they left soon after. That fall, President Sam Houston ordered Alexander Somervell to lead a raid into Mexico in retaliation. This became known as the Sommervell Expedition. The Expedition managed to capture Laredo, and then the Mexican town of Guerreo. Somervell ended it soon after that. However, about 300 Texans felt the desire to keep raiding into Mexico and did so. About ten days later they marched into Mier unopposed at first. However, a fight erupted in which the Texans surrendered. After a disastrous escape incident, Santa Anna ordered a "lottery" to determine which of the Texans were shot. This became known as the infamous "black bean" execution.

Now, let's jump ahead about 30 years and two states over to the west. There is a region in the Peloncillo Mountains called Skeleton Canyon. This straddles the Arizona-Mexico border. In the 1870s, southern Arizona was teaming with silver prospectors. Following them were the outlaw element who found it easier to steal for a living. These outlaws (mostly Texans) were also going into Mexico and stealing cattle from Mexican ranchers. In 1879, Mexican rurales were sent after them. They were ambushed in Skeleton Canyon. The Mexican Government formally protested to the U.S. government who began pressuring the local authorities to reign in the outlaws. Unfortunately many of the local authorities were affiliated with the outlaws so little, if anything was done. In 1881, the outlaws learned that a Mexican caravan carrying gold and silver were to cross through the canyon. The outlaws ambushed, and killed the Mexicans. One month later, Newman "Old Man" Clanton (one of the purported leaders of the outlaws) and four others (including Jim Crane, a stage robber) were ambushed and killed in Guadalupe Canyon reportedly by Mexican rurales in retaliation for the Skeleton Canyon massacre.

In March of 1916, Mexican "general" Pancho Villa ordered a raid of Columbus, New Mexico, to punish the U.S. for what he perceived as supporting his enemy.

Historically speaking, illegal border incursions are nothing new. However, the responses were. Eventually, the federal government exerted more pressure on Arizona authorities to reign in the outlaws. I think they took border incursions more seriously than the government does today. It seems to me the quest for votes takes precendence over national security.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just What Houston Needs


A soccer stadium! That's right, Houston is on its way to having yet another stadium. Now, I don't begrudge sports fans for loving sports. I don't begrudge anyone from having pride in the good ole home team. The way I see it is that the local government seems to care more about how Houston is perceived. Remember those stupid "Houston, expect the unexpected" commercials several years back put up by the Houston Image Group? Even back then the emphasis was that Houston be perceived as a "world class city" (regardless of whether it is or not). Well, if you don't want the neighbors to think you are low class without knowing you, then you would keep your front yard looking well, no trash or junked cars (or furniture) prominently displayed. So, how is a new sports stadium going to fix impressions like the following? This is from a blogger in Minnesota who visited Houston for a business trip. This is what she had to say;

"Hmmm. I'm in Houston right now, sitting in a decent hotel room, having eaten a decent meal...and wishing that I was at home. I'm here for a conference; I'll be giving a seminar on laws like ADA, FMLA, USERRA, etc. for my union. Again, I wish I was at home. Houston is hands-down the most depressing city I've ever seen. I've been to LA, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa, Denver, Seattle, Boston, Providence, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and others that I can't remember right now. They have redeeming qualities to off-set their crappier aspects. Houston has none. It was a 1/2-hour ride downtown from the airport. Let me describe what I saw on my ride:

1. A used car lot every 100 feet. Complete with tacky, used car salesmen wearing jackets with those tan patches on the shoulders and elbows, bolo ties, and cowboy hats. Walking cliches.

2. Cars and campers parked on overgrown lawns (and by lawns, I mean weeds).

3. "Budget Best" motels. The type of motels that charge by the hour.

4. Grocery stores with attached liquor stores. And 50 people waiting to get into the liquor store

.5. White boys with cowboy hats driving pickup trucks with confederate flags on the hood/roof/painted into the back window/hanging in the back window and accompanied by a gun rack. At least one of these morons was getting a ticket from an African-American cop. hehehe. Talk about a "stop ME" advertisement...

6. Crappy, rusty car repair shops with crappy, rusty cars in various stages of disrepair missing various pieces of critical equipment.

7. A skid row rivalling LA's.

8. Battered, burned-out, boarded up industrial buildings.

9. Miles of nothing but gray cement surrounded by Nos. 1-8.

Like I said, depressing."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Although I think she exaggerated number 5. You don't typically see that unless you're out in the Katy area.

And so it begins....

HPD officer Rodney Johnson died on Sept 21, 2006 at the hands of an illegal alien which had reentered the country illegally after being convicted of child molestation, serving his sentence, then being deported back to Mexico. That Illegal Alien had been smuggled back into the country, had a house purchased for him and his wife to live in, and was given a job by his boss, Robert Lane Camp. Today, Camp has been arrested for harboring a fugitive. Let us hope that this is a sign of things to come. That employers that knowingly hire and aid fugitives from justice are arrested and prosecuted for the crime of aiding and abetting the criminals that they hire. Were I the DA, I'd charge him with capital murder. He is as guilty of the murder as Quintero is.

Let us hope other employers take note that they may be next.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Senseless Violence


Here we have three flashy vehicles, older model vehicles decked out with rims and lights blocking up the freeway. One of them hits the victim's car. Was the victim trying to pass? Anyhow, he gets out to check his vehicle when a man from one of the other cars get out to shoot him. Was this some kind of setup? Was it some kind of morbid initiation?


This should have been a story where a homeowner shoots intruders. Sadly it's the other way around. This is why police typically say that people should comply with robbers' demands. However, many people (myself included) cannot stand the thought of being a victim in their own homes and become incensed that someone would entertain the notion they can come into a person's sanctuary to steal, rape, or kill. These people would rather fight and risk death than have to live with that kind of violation. Imagine a man who is tied up while being forced to watch his wife being raped by home invaders. It's happened before.

Friday, January 4, 2008

He's Baaaack!!!!!!!


Quanell X is back! This time he's chosen a less controversial incident after being called to the mat in Pasadena a couple of months back. He had to lay low to let time blow over his, and the media's, shock that anyone would dare stand up to him. In this story someone painted racial slurs on a woman's house. Pct. 4 Deputy Constables came out and took a report. Quanell must have gotten some bills in the mail recently because he is acting upset that the incident is not being treated as a hate crime (i.e. camera exposure). Of course, anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that being called a 'hate crime' doesn't bring out a specially trained, elite, ultra-technology CSI unit that use satellites to track down invisible clues. The deputies did all they could do and even identified suspects.

".....because investigators believe it was linked to an altercation between an African-American teen who lives at the residence and a group of Hispanic girls."

Uh oh, if LULAC gets involved in this, then the chronicle and the other news outlets will surely be in a precarious situation on how to cover it. To me, it sounds like stupid kids doing what they do best, acting stupid. Listen to a group of kids (all races) talk in a school playground. You won't find any political correctness in that discussion.

"You spray paint (the N-word) on a garage and 'monkey' and he says to us what does it matter if it's classified as a hate crime," the activist said. "That's exactly what too many insensitive white people in law enforcement would think. Ask a black law enforcement officer what he thinks."

First of all, we all know Quanell is not an activist. He is a pimp. Yet the chronicle and the other news outlets continue to promote him as the 'community activist' while ignoring the fact he hasn't improved one community. Second, did anyone notice the subtle insult here? Third, Quanell hopes nobody knows what 'hate crimes' actually means in the state law. All hate crimes do is enhance the punishment upon conviction of the original offense. That's why the chronicle said, "he (Hickman) acknowledged that his office could recommend hate crime charges if they arrest a suspect who confirms the act was motivated by a racial prejudice or bias."

"Quanell X said Precinct 4's failure to seek hate crime charges against two white teens who shouted "white power" (anyone remember Quanell and his crew holding their fists in the air chanting 'black power' at the Joe Horn protest on youtube, of course I doubt anyone in the media will point out this hypocrisy)as they attacked a Spring Hispanic teen in 2003 shows a pattern of insensitivity to minorities."

Again, ignorance of the law that Quanell hopes people will be too dumb to notice. He brings up an incident that has nothing to do with this story to promote his self serving race dividing agenda that the chronicle and the other news outlets promote every time they go seek him out for an interview.

I don't think anyone is taking him seriously here, other than the chronicle and whomever reported this. The easily led automatons will hang on ever word he says while people who think for themselves can see him for the fraud he really is.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Legend of El Muerto

Back in the 1880s the Texas frontier was a dangerous place. In the northern plains the Commanche Indians were raiding settlements and murdering people and stealing their livestock. In the south Mexican bandits took advantage of this to plunder. The Texas Rangers were stretched thin. One notorious Mexican bandit of the day went by Vidal. He managed to make a name for himself. Another legendary name was Texas ranger William Anderson "Big Foot" Wallace. He tracked Vidal and killed him. To send a message to other Mexican bandits, he cut Vidal's head off. Then he tied the headless corpse to the horse and set it off across the Texas plains.Shortly thereafter, stories emerged of a vengeful spirit that rode across the plains. A headless horseman like the one created by Washington Irving over a hundred years before in New England. It didn't take long for acts of evil deeds came to be associated with it. Eventually, a posse was formed and tracked the 'spirit' down. What they found was a tired old horse, and a dried up corpse full of bullet holes and Indian arrows. The body was buried in an unmarked grave, thus ending the reign of El Muerto.

Mom Aiding and Abetting


This story leaves me with one question. Why wasn't the mother charged with interfering with public duties or hindering apprehension? A deputy sheriff spotted a speeding car and went to stop it when it fled. The vehicle crashed and the four occupants fled on foot. One of them called his mother who picked them up. Some reasons I can think of;

1) The boy lied to his mother about why he needed to be picked up (however he and the other suspect were hiding on the rear floorboard).

2) The mother is what is called a 'enabling parent' and refuses to believe her son did anything wrong

3) The deputies called the district attorney's office and charges were refused for whatever reason.

Michael Berry Carjacked


I'm glad former councilman Michael Berry got out alive. A vehicle can be replaced, people cannot be. The way I see this Mr. Berry has experienced what many residents in that part of Houston experience everyday, criminals! I usually make a practice to get in my car and immediately lock the doors, especially in that part of town. I've had two instances in mid-town Houston where someone tried to open my door and get into my vehicle. Fortunately, the doors were locked and they couldn't get in and I hit the gas pedal and got out of there. I suggest all of you do the same no matter where you drive. Another issue I have is with the asylum yard that constitutes quite a few of the chronicle comments. Nobody deserves to be carjacked (well there can be some exceptions, notably defense lawyers and race/poverty hustlers). Yet some people feel that Mr. Berry deserves it because of his political views. Read some of the comments left by people. It makes me shake my head and think someone at a hospital somewhere left a back door open. This experience should give Mr. Berry a renewed vigor on his talk show and any possible future political endeavors he may partake in.

Harris County GOP- We Have a Problem.....


It all started with a lawsuit brought against the Harris County Sheriff's Department. During the proceedings some personal emails between District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal and his executive secretary surfaced. It was revealed that Rosenthal had an affair with the woman around 20 years ago when he was married to his first wife. Rosenthal asked the rest of the emails be sealed, and they were. However the damage was already done. The Harris County Republican Party felt the public fallout would keep Rosenthal from getting re-elected next year and they asked him to pull out of the race. Initially he refused. Now, he is changing his mind and complying and a rush of candidates are trying to get their name on the ballot to run. The way I see it, this is a shining example of politics at its best. The initial revelation of the personal emails was a personal jab at Rosenthal to publicly humiliate him. Since the original issue was the lawsuit against the Sheriff's Department, what did those emails have to do with it? Absolutely nothing! It was a former associate of Democratic DA candidate Clarence Bradford (former chief of the Houston Police Department) who started the whole thing. His name is Lloyed Kelley and he has quite a reputation. The stunt worked and now there is going to be an interesting race for the District Attorney's office. It's not that I had much faith in Rosenthal anyhow. However I don't really have much faith in Bradford because of his cozy history with former Mayor Lee Brown and how he got to where he is now. I'm wary of assistant DA's because many of them seem to think more like defense attorneys let a lot of people who deserve to stand trial for their actions stay out on the streets. All we can do is stand back and watch.