Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yeeee Hawwww!!!!!!

Remember when I commented on the this story? I knew then the so-called world court was going to butt in and say Texas should not execute Jose Medellin. As predicted, the world court has sided with the convicted rapist-murderer. However, true to Texas tradition, the execution is on! Since these stories are more about the impotent world court, I'm posting a photograph of the girls who were raped and murdered by this thug and his friends. From the chronicle article;

"The Mexican government reasons that "the paramount interest in human life is at stake..."
How about the lives of these two girls? How come Mexico nor the UN seem to care about what happened to them?

Randy Ertman, father of Jennifer Ertman is quoted, "The world court don't mean diddly! This business belongs in the state of Texas. The people of the state of Texas support the execution. We thank them. The rest of them can go to hell."

Amen Randy!

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N. said...

I would be far more impressed by the opinions of the 'World Court' if they weighed in on compelling Mexico to police its own northern border...