Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mexico Should Handle Its Own Business

Everyone knows the land south of the border is a whole other world. I will never understand why Mexico deems it necessary to try to run our own affairs. Mexico encourages the robbery and exploitation of its own illegal immigrants. Mexican government officials often have their hands in someone else's pockets. Mexican police are either bribed or killed. Mexican drug lords are waging open war on each other, and the police for control of the drug trade. Yet, the Mexican government seems to have a strange love affair with Jose Medellin. In case you don't remember him, or the two girls gang-raped and killed by him and his friends, click here. Today, in the Chronicle we read that Mexico is going to the world court to force Texas not to execute Medellin and other murderers. Why does the Mexican government care more about criminals than victims? Why does the Mexican government favor its own criminals over its own citizens? When President Bush asked Texas to stay these guys' executions, Texas told him to take a hike. The Supreme Court did too. I bet the world court is going to side with the killers. So let's hope that same Texan spirit tells the world court to 'f' off as well. Mexico needs to clean its own house before telling others what to do in theirs. How many times must this be said?

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JLee said...

I agree 100%. That country is a damn mess.