Thursday, July 10, 2008


A man returned to his Harris County home from the airport. While unpacking his suitcase he finds a bag with a white, powdery-type substance. He has no idea what this could be and he isn't responsible for it being there. He then does what any decent citizen does, calls the police. The police arrive and determine the substance isn't cocaine. Unable to test substances they call Hazmat out. Two big hazmat trucks arrive and the street is blocked off. Neighbors are gathering on the sidewalk asking the officers and rescue personnel what is going on. Since the situation is unfolding and the substance unknown, nobody can give an answer. The homeowner is understandably embarrassed about all this attention. His wife is contacted (who is still out of town) and asked if she put anything in his suitcase. She says no. Hazmat personnel suit up, go into the house and test the substance. The result; crushed laxative tablets! Come to find out, the wife crushes her laxatives and bags them for easy travel. Imagine that poor man's further embarrassment to realize the police and hazmat blocked off his street for laxatives. The police will probably be back at that house when the wife returns home.

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JLee said...

How embarrassing!!