Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Naughty Professor Indeed

In another email scandal, Ronald Ayers, an economics professor at University of Texas as San Antonio is in a little hot water. Remember when I said in previous posts that private sector company emails should be compared to public servant emails to illustrate hypocrisy? Well, as an example I cite Professor Ayers. He apparently has an appetite for his female students. While any red-blooded heterosexual male can certainly understand, however personal ethics and one's superego needs to step in and say "down boy!" Click here to read some of his emails. Make for some very interesting reading. Looks like he doesn't have much respect for women regardless of their situations (personally whether she be a stripper, or a lawyer, treat her like a lady) Sounds like something an anonymous sex blogger would write, not a professor using company email.

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JLee said...

yeah, watch..he'll be teaching somewhere else soon. Weirdo!!