Thursday, July 3, 2008

Michelle Obama Opens Her Mouth...Again

Lone Star Times has this little piece about an excerpt from a Michelle Obama speech. According to the post, she was talking about the issue of gay marriage and said;

"It’s not just about positions that you take. It’s also about the leadership that you provide on these issues. Barack has the courage to talk to skeptical audiences, not just friendly ones. That’s why he told a crowd at a rally in Texas that gays and lesbians deserve equality. And you can imagine in Texas that that crowd got a little quiet."

The way I see it, she's stepped in it again. While trying to portray all of Texans as yokels, she used the crowd who wanted to hear her husband speak, as an example of the "backwoods" mentality of Texans. So, what does that say about her feelings in regards to her husband's own supporters.

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