Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Same Story, Different Details

Houston Chronicle's Story

KPRC's Story

story posted at 7:34am. With nearly a 2-hour time frame, why does the The story here is some fool gets into an argument with a guy at a store, pulls a gun and shoots the other guy dead. He shoots at the clerk, but fortunately he's behind a bullet proof screen. Gunman then walks into the parking lot, shoots at other people. He then carjacks a Lexus which he crashes afterward. A Pct. 1 deputy constable is nearby helping a stranded motorist. Gunman points the gun at the deputy. The gunman tries to steal the patrol car and winds up fighting the deputy, and two wrecker drivers who were kind enough to assist. After getting the man in custody, he dies. I bet we'll find he was under the influence of a potent mix of drugs (or maybe just one). I have to give credit to the chronicle's Anita Hassan. She did an excellent story, detailed, leaving really no ifs, ands, or buts. However, the KPRC story is lacking in a couple of details. To be fair I checked the times. The chronicle story posted at 5:51am. Why did the KPRC story fails to mention the guy tried to steal the patrol car and fought with the deputy?

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