Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chronicle Campaign Ad

Late Precinct 7 Constable A.B. Chambers with Constable May Walker in 2005

Today the Houston Chronicle has this nice puffy piece about Democratic DA candidate Clarence Bradford, the former chief of HPD. The reason I call it a campaign piece is the whole story reads about Bradford. Not to mention the only reference to his Republican opponent is "oh yeah, he is running against Pat Lykos who is an aggressive campaigner, but poor Bradford has had bad days." Go ahead and read the piece for yourself. However, I did notice one glaring problem with the story.

"The county never has elected an African-American to a law enforcement job."

What is Mr. Bernstein up to? Mr. Bernstein has forgotten about the 1973 election of AB Chambers as the first black Constable in Harris County. He was defeated later in 2001 by Perry Wooten, who wound up being charged with abuse of power and theft by a public servant and convicted (a friend of mine was in court and witnessed Wooten walking in proclaiming "Perry Wooten in da house!" Like a damned rapper, but that's another post for another day). Then, the voters of Harris County Pct. 7 elected May Walker, Harris County's first black, female constable. So Mr. Bernstein, just where did you get your information from?

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Alan said...

Precinct 7 has elected African-Americans. The county has not. When I wrote an in-depth piece about Lykos, it didn't much mention Bradford. Any article stating that Bradford's biggest challenge may be the taint of scandals, and goes on to enumerate them, is hardly puffy; I appreciate you linking to my story so that people will indeed figure that out on their own. And I celebrate your right to go public with your opinions about my work, as an anonymous wall tagger or otherwise. -- Alan Bernstein