Monday, June 30, 2008

Rest In Peace Gary Gryder

Houston Chronicle




I heard the news around 9am yesterday morning. Houston Police Officer Gary Gryder and Officer Joe Pyland were working a traffic detail at State Highway 6 and IH-10. A drunk 24-year old plowed into both of them. Officer Gryder was killed, Officer Pyland was injured expected to recover. What's infuriating about this is the driver's reaction. He is said to have been laughing, acting like he was having a good time. Well, I hope someone had some snap to get a digital video recorder (i.e. cell phone) and record this guy's behavior. I'm sure the judge and jury would love to see this in court. I wonder if that fool was laughing when he sobered up. He was only given $50,000 bail. That's too low for this piece of crap. My condolences to the family of Gary Gryder. Rest in peace brother!


Donna Taylor said...

I went to school with Gary and it was bone chilling to wake and see this on the news this morning. Gary was such a great guy to go out in such an undeserving way. Hope that idiot that hit him has his day. My prayers are with Gary's family and may y fellow classmate and friend rest in peace.
Posted by Donna Taylor
Jersey Village-Class of 1979

JLee said...

Oh my god that is so sad. Rest in peace...