Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cover Up, Blame Police, Shield Husband

Everyone is hoping that two missing Pasadena children, Randy and Denim Sylvester will be found.
Yesterday, KPRC ran this story on their website. The kids' mother, Jerilynn St. Cyr told the news crew that Pasadena Police aren't doing enough to find her kids.

"Somebody came in my community and took my kids," said St. Cyr. "Pasadena is not trying to find them."

As I read the article further things started to jump out.

"She said she and her husband are good parents to the children. She even showed Local 2 their room with their toys."

To me, that sounded like the actions of someone who was trying to cover up something. Parallel to answering the phone from a bill collector looking for you and telling them "they're not here!"

"Police said the mother and father's stories were not consistent, but neither was ever considered a suspect."

So, they can't even get their stories straight. Yet, "St. Cyr said it is up to the community to find her kids."

Hmmmm. Now, we all know this woman has a mentality that nothing is her fault, that she is "owed."

"Investigators said an Amber Alert was not issued for the children because the case did not meet the necessary criteria. Police said they did not believe there had been an abduction."

Aha! That means Pasadena knows more than they are letting on which is fine. We don't need them tainting their investigation. This article mentions the kids' father, Randy Sylvester Sr. was arrested for traffic warrants. Now, usually the police wouldn't arrest the father of missing children and hold him in jail unless there was a good reason. They obviously suspect him (although not the mother) of being involved in their disappearance.

Today, the Chronicle runs this story. In it, they confirm that the kids' father is responsible somehow for their disappearance. They even suggest the kids maybe dead. As the father was arrested on the warrants, he resisted the police (something the KPRC article left out). KPRC updated the story with their own article. Now, something stands out. In the first KPRC article Jerilynn says she and Randy are good parents. Yet, "he is under investigation of domestic violence against his wife from an incident on Monday night.

I'd like to know, did she go on camera blasting Pasadena police, and telling her community that is is their responsibility to find her missing kids before, or after her husband assaulted her? I bet you this woman knows what kind of man Randy was when she met him. I'm not sure she cares for her kids more than the piece of crap husband of hers. She probably should be sitting in jail as well. We shall see.


MzG said...

The typical American...always ready to judge. Could you put yourself in her shoes for one moment..just one. Could you ever imagine your children missing let alone their father being the #1suspect? That alone would blow your mind more less living through this hell right now and having to deal with all the negativity of the media and people like you...what because she's not acting like Mrs. Ramsey (Jon Bonet's mother) then I guess that means she had something to do with it or is it because she's black, maybe it's because she's a Katrina evacuee. Whatever the case maybe you need not pass judgement until you've walked a mile in her shoes...and not even then as far as I'm concerned...The primary focal point is getting the children home safe and sound. Once that is done then we should focus on the "Who Done It"? Until then, can we come together just for once, for the kids sake. --- Thank You!!

Jason said...

So said the pot to the kettle.