Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Won! Hey, Wait A Second!

I remember the initial controversy with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC). This superhighway was originally designed to go straight through Texas, connecting Mexico and Oklahoma. After many complaints and meetings TXDOT has had a change of heart. Instead of grabbing acres upon acres of private property for the highway, TXDOT has decided to utilize existing highways. While many people are celebrating, many others need to realize they have to join the fight. Take a look at the map for the new proposed route. Notice as it creeps to Houston, which freeway it is intending to use. The TTC is intended to utilize US Highway 59. Ask any Houstonian how bright this idea is. Highway 59 is usually a mad house to begin with. During the morning hours from 6 to 9, and in the afternoons from about 4 to 8 it is clogged with local traffic getting to work or going home. I guess the board members at TXDOT felt "Houston has thousands of morons driving on its roads to start with, who is going to notice a little more clogging?" Or, maybe TXDOT thought "okay, you want to whine and moan, we'll give you something to whine and moan about!" So, now the residents of Houston and Harris County will have to stand up to this giant snake wanting to crawl through its home bringing in God-knows-what.

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