Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Students With Nothing Better To Do

I remember college. I have fond memories of it. One thing that will never cease to amaze me is the willingness of college students to protest 'noble' causes. In this story we have a group of University of Houston college students protesting a cause that must keep them up at nights. What are these students protesting? Equal rights for women in repressive societies? Nope! End to offshore drilling bans so gas prices can come down? Nope! End cruelty to animals? Nope! These morons are protesting Starbucks. Yep! Starbucks coffee. The university plans to put a kiosk in their library. However, Timothy O'Brien, rebel without a clue, and leader of the Students for Fair Trade marched up to the Dean's office to make a show. However, the dean wisely chose to be out of town. So, O'Brien, not to be denied his 15 minutes, peppered a receptionist, probably a 22 year old girl just trying to make some money while going to school herself, with ridiculous questions. I have to laugh at O'Brien. Of all the causes to raise arms about, coffee! If he hates Starbucks so much, don't drink it! Don't buy it!

""This campus is ruled by Aramark," he bellowed as passing students quickly looked away. "This is a plantation."

-Who cares if Aramark makes money. Once again, if this idiot doesn't want to give them his money he has plenty of other choices. He can always grow soy in the bin next to his pot plants.

-I like 'as passing students quickly looked away.' It's because they couldn't believe what a moron this guy is.

-"This is a plantation!" Aw the race card! Whenever you want to demonize something (or someone) bring racial connotations into the mix. If he's so offended by University of Houston being a plantation, why is he there, paying tuition?

"O'Brien didn't buy it. "He's saying the university is for corporate profits," he said. "The students mean nothing."

-I hate repeating myself. Why doesn't he leave?

-There are the magic words, corporate profits. I guess O'Brien is a 'government steals peoples' money and squanders it on socialistic entitlement programs' type of person. I bet the best way to shut this fool up is to get him a high paying corporate job with corporate benefits. Give him a chance to 'sell out.' After all, that's probably what he is really mad about. Others are profiting and he isn't. Is it me, or is there a reason the movie PCU is more than just a comedy?

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Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

What a bunch of morons...I hate to think the ink and paper that this story wasted on these attention-seekers. Okay, so they don't want to contribute to companies that don't sell "fair-trade" coffee - just because the shop is there doesn't mean they have to buy it!