Friday, June 27, 2008

One is a Robbery, One Really is a Scam

KPRC has this story of a robbery. I like how they call it a "scam." The scam involves duping someone into giving them a ride to pick up an accomplice. The subject of the dupe is given an elaborate story, convinced to take money out of an ATM machine, then robbed at gunpoint. Some scam.

Here is another scam I've become aware of. Subject goes to the grocery store where he/she meets a woman who claims she's an immigrant. She strikes up a casual conversation, then they part ways in the store. As the subject comes to the front to pay, he "bumps" into the woman again and they restart chatting it up. It is her turn to pay and she starts digging through her purse, then "gets upset" because she left her wallet in her car. The 'good Samaritan' is asked to pay for the immigrant lady's purchases after being told she'll pay him back in the parking lot. The two go her car where it won't start. My, my that lady is having a bad afternoon. The subject is asked to bring his car around to jump hers. By the time he returns to her car, she's magically gotten the car started and left, with free groceries!

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