Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Chronicle Lunacy, er, Logic

This morning the Houston Chronicle declares "Car used by police to bait thieves kills Dallas woman." Wow! Looks like Christine went to work for Dallas Police. However, once you read down the article you find out that a car thief actually took the car and was driving away.

Officers were searching for the stolen bait car but weren't chasing the man who was driving it. They say they believe he panicked when he saw officers in the area and sped up."

Uh oh! What are the advocates of "police not chasing anybody for anything" going to say when they read this? The police weren't even chasing the guy, yet he still fled and killed a woman who sadly was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I said this when the debate raged about police pursuits. The naysayer crowd (and the chronicle) seem to refuse to hold the criminal responsible. In this case, it was the bait car's fault according to Chronicle logic. Is it me, or does the Houston daily not like police?

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