Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Found Matthew

Remember Matthew Wilson? He was the scholarship Rice University student who mysteriously disappeared last December. The speculation was at first he was dead somewhere. Then, his car was found in Berkley, California (a hot bed of lunacy in my opinion). When that story broke I started thinking either he just wanted to start over on his own terms or, this was a rare case of dissociative fugue disorder. Well, he has been found alive on the Berkley campus. This leads me to believe he felt the lunatic asylum known as Berkley, California, was his true calling and he wanted to be there. He was located on campus using a stolen laptop. Whether or not he stole the laptop computer is unknown. I'm going to guess he abruptly took off for purely selfish reasons. I wouldn't be surprised to learn he has narcissism issues. He decides to drop everything and go to "the promised land" without telling anyone. He has his family worried to death and he had to realize this. If he's using a laptop he knows that his family and friends are looking for him. I'm interested to hear his reasons. I bet there will be a ploy for sympathy, yet behind the mask I feel he's basically a little brat.

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