Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another Chronicle Heart String Story

The Houston Chronicle and ACLU, police hating attorney Randall Kallinen have teamed up to bring another story of someone making a terrible decision and trying to blame the police. In this story an illegal immigrant got stopped on traffic, presented a false ID card and got himself arrested. While waiting transport to the county jail he made an attempt to escape and was caught. According to the article, he was tazed and struck with a baton. According to the police hater Kallinen, that's excessive force. Obviously Kallinen wasn't there. Of course the article fails to mention that when training in the use of tasers and batons, there are target areas, and areas not to be struck. For example, baton training teaches to strike the arms, joints, legs, knees. It says that strikes to the throat, head, groin areas are off limits. If the police had to use these instruments to prevent the criminal from escaping than he was more than likely fighting them. However, all Kallinen sees is a platform and the family sees a pay out. Another instance where someone made a poor decision, but according to Kallinen and the Chronicle the blame lies with the police. After all, in Chronicle/Kallinen logic, nobody is responsible for their actions (except public servants).

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