Monday, August 18, 2008

Motorist Saved By Councilwoman and Uh, Er, Wasn't There Someone Else???

Houston Chronicle story here.

KHOU story here.

KTRK story here.

So far I've found three Houston news stories about Houston Councilwoman Jolanda Jones helping in rescuing a woman who drove her car off the Westpark Tollway. While I'll be the first one to say "good job Jolanda" I do see some problems with this. Recently, Jolanda got some bad press about her interfering in an arrest. Read each story and all three basically say the same thing, "Councilwoman Jones and good Samaritans help rescue a woman!" The KHOU story says;

"I’m like, man I’m not letting this lady die – not on my watch,” the elder Jones said."

I have some questions for the news media;
What were the names of the other good Samaritans who were already on the scene?
Why couldn't the news media interview them?
Why do we have to hear only from Jolanda?

Maybe I'm just too distrustful of news people nowadays.

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