Monday, August 11, 2008

Murder in Vidor

Picture found here

We're back. My wife and I took a little road trip. I didn't realize that this was the first vacation I'd taken since 2006. What the hell is wrong with me? Anyway, for years as one drives down Interstate Highway 10 going east through Vidor, Texas, this sign stands tall. It's obvious that someone wants everyone to know the displeasure the sponsor has with the Vidor Police Dept. Well I finally decided to do some research to find out the details of this story;

On May 14, 1991, Katherine Page was found dead in a car. The scene appeared to be a staged traffic accident. However, the car had little damage and Mrs. Page had injuries consistent with being assaulted. Not to mention that she was strangled. So, if this was supposed to look like a traffic accident, the killer did a poor job covering up his crime. At the time, she was separated from her husband Steve.

Story here.

Due to time constraints (being I have other things to do and don't feel like scanning thousands of google hits) this was all I can find. From the sign, Steve lost in civil court. However the article doesn't discuss what evidence was presented in the civil case. It also doesn't discuss the issue of Mrs. Page's grave being vandalized. From what little information is presented one can surely suspect the husband, but proof beyond a reasonable doubt for murder isn't there. Is there more to this story? Or is this an angry parent throwing out unproven accusations?


JLee said...

It sounds as if he did it, but the family needs to realize unless you have hard evidence, it's hard to convict. Even when there is hard evidence, sometimes they get away with it *cough* OJ! lol

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