Monday, August 4, 2008

Edouard Is Coming!!!!!!

Tropical Storm Edouard snuck up on us. I really wasn't paying attention and didn't realize there was a storm until yesterday. Of course all local governments are scrambling to prepare for the oncoming storm. Most police, medical, and other government workers are cancelling their previously planned vacations and now working twelve hour shifts. Others are sleeping for a couple of hours before they have to get in the wee hours of the morning and report to work at ungodly hours such as 3am or 6am. In an effort to keep people glued to the TV screens, the local Houston media has been airing footage of hurricanes tearing up buildings, and the infamous 2005 Hurricane Rita fiasco which had all the outgoing freeways clogged up with people trying to flee. As a result people are panicking and scrambling to hit the grocery stores and gas stations. Fortunately, I stopped last night and filled my tank. To anyone in the path of the storm, take precautions and be careful out there!

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Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

I hate the way the media gets everyone panicked over a tropical storm. After Allison, Katrina and Rita they just love to get people riled up by reminding them of those storms. What worries me is everyone will get so numb to it that when there is a real reason to panic no one will and it will be a disaster all over again. Vicious cycle I guess...

Take care and tie down all your stuff!