Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have you woken up and seen this guy?

Some residents in northern Harris County slept peacefully while this man was breaking into their homes. Most burglars prefer to operate in the day time hours while the residents are away. Not many have the gumption to actually break in while the homeowners are there. These are the most dangerous. How many times have we heard of people hurt or killed when they surprised a burglar in their own home? This guy has a tattoo on his neck and notice how he wears his watch on his right arm?


JLee said...

That is scary. They say a lot of burglars get bolder and bolder and end up raping and/or killing in the their career goes on so to speak.

Jason said...

Generally burglars stick to their 'MOs' The majority of them break in, steal stuff and get the hell out. In cases where the victim is raped, the burglar had that intention all along. He wasn't going in to steal property, he was going to commit rape. Those guys need to be shot in my opinion.