Friday, October 10, 2008

Same Old Tired Lines

The Texas Dept. of Public Safety had a new rule go into effect on October 1. for non- U.S. citizens to show proof that they are in the country legally before they can renew their driver's license. This means that resident aliens and others who are legally in the country (for the time being) and obtain a driver's license in Texas have to show proof they are still in the country on a legal basis before they can renew their licenses. Of course licenses are renewed every seven years (I think). The Houston Chronicle did a story on this yesterday, and today have another story about how the pro-illegal immigrant lobby is pissed off. The usual arguments are being tossed about.

"...immigrant groups, lawmakers and Hispanic activists, who predict it will boost the number of unlicensed and uninsured drivers on Texas roads. Others fear it will boost a robust black market trade in counterfeit documents."

These illegal operations have always been there and always will be. The underlying goal of these rouge lawmakers and activists are to legitimize illegal immigrants. That's always been their goal.

"It's a bad idea," said Rick Dovalina, a Houston attorney and past national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "If you look at it strictly as a public policy, the undocumented should be issued a driver license because they would be able to drive legally, and buy insurance, and protect other people in case they have an accident."

Of course someone from LULAC would say that. Yet, some insurance companies are already selling policies to people using the Mexican consulate identification cards instead of driver's licenses. Of course, I've yet to see what happens when these people get into an accident and try to file a claim.

"DPS officials insist the rule changes are not an anti-immigrant measure, but intended to safeguard the licensing process and reduce identity fraud and theft."

Ya think? After all, we wouldn't want any illegal voting going on would we (see previous post)?

"But at least one Texas lawmaker, Rep. Robert A. Alonzo, D-Dallas, called the DPS rule change unlawful profiling and said the state agency is ill-equipped to enforce federal immigration laws."

Of course! We can't have a discussion about illegal immigration without some fool trying to throw the buzz word 'profiling' in the mix. Apparently Rep. Alonzo doesn't seem to care that it is up to the person renewing the license to provide DPS with proof. So how is that profiling? It doesn't say "all Hispanics must show proof of their citizenship.." yet that is what Alonzo and LULAC will tell their lobbies. From past chronicle stories about sympathizing with illegal immigrants I imagine they agree. Although at the very bottom of the story you read this;


"But at the Houston driver's license office, air-conditioning technician Roger Cook favored the tougher rules for immigrants."

"If they're here illegally, they shouldn't be able to have the privileges of American citizens," said Cook, adding he missed six months of work last year while recovering from injuries received when an undocumented driver slammed into his car."

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