Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carnaby Shooting Video

Everyone in the Houston area is familiar with the Roland Carnaby shooting. He was stopped for speeding and claimed he was a federal agent and acting nervous. Naturally, the suspicious nature of the cop kicked in and they were going to detain him to investigate. Instead Mr. Carnaby drove off leading police on a chase putting everyone's life in danger. There were weapons in the vehicle. At the end of the chase Mr. Carnaby appeared to reach for something, making the officer think he was pulling one of his weapons and the officer shot him. He later died. Now his widow is suing the police for a scenario that her husband created. There has been speculation back and forth about whether or not Mr. Carnaby was a CIA agent. The CIA have denied it. The ACLU cop-hating attorney Randall Kallenin says they have proof he worked for the "national security interests" of the country. Well, bring it on! Let's see the evidence. Maybe it could give an insight as to why Mr. Carnaby chose to run in the first place, an issue neither Mr. Kallenin or Mrs. Carnaby have been able to explain. I rather liked this line;

"Carnaby's widow is seeking an undisclosed amount of money and hopes to get HPD's chase policy changed."

What changes could possible be made here? Knowing Mr. Kallenin's past views probably to end police chases all together. After all, ACLU lawyers have an annoying tendency to advocate letting the inmates run the asylum.

Click here to watch the video of the chase and the shooting. Keep in mind that the officers knew they were chasing a man claiming to be a federal agent and knew he was armed. When he finally does stop, two officers are on the passenger side trying to get him to come out. Then, Carnaby opens the door and as you can see, he is reaching down, an officer comes to him and cannot see his hands. Remembering this guy has weapons in the car, the officer, in fear for his life shoots then runs off getting out of the way. The way I see it, the only person responsible for this death is Mr. Carnaby himself.

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