Friday, October 10, 2008

The Dead Do Have a Say

Talk about a hearty introduction. A local group known as the Texas Watchdog got featured in the nationally known Drudge Report today with their breaking story about finding 4,000 "dead" voters in Harris County alone. From the link local KPRC did their own story on it. The Watchdog did a comparison of voter rolls and death records. Now, if a private group can do this, why can't Harris County? It seems funny how the media handles stories of voter fraud. For example, the media has spun the line about George Bush stealing the election in 2000 so many times that many people feel it is true. Yet, as the Watchdog points out, "George W. Bush actually won Florida by 1,665 votes in 2000, according to a hand recount after the election commissioned by USA Today, the Miami Herald and Knight Ridder." Now, anyone remember the group ACORN? Yep, the same ACORN that sued and threw temper tantrums when FEMA wanted to stop paying for Hurricane Katrina evacuees who still weren't trying to improve their own situation two years later. As the Watchdog points out, ACORN is under investigation for some of the biggest voter fraud scams in history. I have not seen many stories about that. There are probably even fewer stories highlighting Barrack Obama's connections to ACORN.
Anyhow, kudos to the Texas Watchdog for doing what Harris County should have been doing from the get-go. Four thousand "dead" voters could tilt an election.

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