Saturday, October 4, 2008

Problems at the Chronicle???

I recall a story about the unemployment rate slightly rising. Then, another story comes out that the chronicle is having to lay off some of its personnel. The obvious question is the chronicle layoffs a result or a cause. Now, thanks to bloghouston, we're learning that the chronicle is buying out some of its people. Click here to read the memo.

What could cause the chronicle to have to lay off some of its people? Could it be its continued, blaring biases? Could it be the tendency to put editorials in the news sections? Could it be to embarrassingly obvious mistakes such as getting wrong the date of the worst terrorist attack on American soil? Could it be the thousands of angry public servants who probably cancelled their subscriptions along with many friends and family? I don't know but something over there isn't working. If money becomes tight over there perhaps the chronicle could have an ad page for "massage parlors" and transsexual escorts like the Houston Press does.

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