Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Possible Development in the Horn Case

Everyone in the Houston metroplex knows about the Joe Horn case. Click the link for a reminder, or for anyone who hasn't. In this story, Rafaela Davila pleaded guilty for her role in a home invasion and received a 40-year prison term. During her punishment hearing, she named one of the burglars killed by Joe Horn as her accomplice. If this is true, will Quanell feel stupid for making a public sympathy appeal for a career burglar? This is what Davila and her now-dead accomplice (allegedly) did;

".....Davila rang the doorbell of a home in the Sugar Lakes subdivision. When the woman who lived there answered, Davila mumbled something and the woman opened the door.
Three men, who apparently had been hiding nearby, rushed into the house, Hartman said.
One of the men put a gun to the victim's head. The woman was tied up and left on a bed while the men ransacked the home, taking about $100,000 in jewelry and other valuables."

So how can Quanell be concerned about people when this is the kind of person he marches for?

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