Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Karma from Kroger

I love crab legs. So everytime I'm in Kroger, I walk by the seafood counter and see if the crab legs are on sale. Well, I checked the prices at this Kroger in Fort Bend County and saw crab legs are on sale. So, I asked for about three pounds. I guess-timated the price in my head. When the clerk rang them up the total was just less than $15, I knew that couldn't be right. I thought about it for a moment, then alerted the clerk. He put in the wrong code. When he corrected his error the price was what I thought it should be. He was grateful. After all, had I not mentioned this to him, I would have gotten cheap crab legs, but when they did their inventory and realized the seafood department lost money, he would be in trouble. I couldn't do it. Plus, I'm afraid of bad karma. Not that I believe "what goes around comes around" in every case because if that were true, then I could name several people who are on top after stepping on a lot of people to get there and nothing has happened to them. Nonetheless, I just want my slate clean. Well, as clean as I can keep it. I'm not perfect.

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JLee said...

You had to go and open your mouth, didn't you? haha