Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Candidate's Presence Called Into Question...By The Chronicle


While at a rally between the group U.S. Border Watch and advocates for illegal immigrants, Harris County Sheriff's Lt. Luis Guthrie was seen with his badge and gun in plain view. Okay. To some people it's unethical and gives the appearance of impropiety. To others, they really don't give a damn.
Okay, he's running for Pct. 4 Constable.
Okay, he's been endorsed by the Border Watch Group.
Okay, he shakes some hands.

"We were very disturbed that a sheriff's lieutenant was openly consorting with known racists," said David Smith, a member of the Progressive Workers Organization."

Okay, first of all, any group that has the terms 'progressive' and/or 'workers' usually are Marxist/Communist organizations. Not to sound like a throw back to the 1980s, however even today some people feel that communism is the answer. Never mind that it hasn't worked. Never mind that millions of people have been murdered under communist regimes. Never mind that communism imprisons and tortures people with different opinions (anyone else find it ironic that a man who believes in Marxism would take advantage of the freedoms of speech afforded by this country knowing damn well if their ilk were in charge the jails would be overflowing with political prisoners). Never mind that communism forces atheism (the religion of communism) upon its people.

Second of all, I love how these people who cannot engage in an honest debate will resort to tricks. The best trick is the use of the R word. That's 'racist' by the way. By calling anyone who opposes your viewpoint racist, you try to intimidate them. Of course most news outlets help out by spreading the R word. They also confuse the issue. They think the majority are too stupid to know the difference between illegal immigration, and legal immigration. People do not have a problem with legal immigration. They are fed up with illegal immigrants. Groups like LULAC and this progressive Marxist group believe illegal immigrants should freely come across the border and be entitled to benefits (name me one communist country that treats their illegal immigrants so well). So, they've worked up the notion that if you oppose illegal immigration, then you oppose all immigration, and therefore you're racist. That's designed to brow beat people into silent submission.

"I was talking to the Border Watch people and the were very friendly," Guthrie said. "The other side was screaming obscenities and saying that I was a racist. ... When I went over there to talk to them, several tried to surround me. I guess they thought they were going to intimidate me."

Why am I not surprised? Go watch some youtube videos of these groups. You'll find the ones who like to throw the R word around are usually the most intolerant, foul-mouthed, and violent people. Of course they were trying to intimidate him. Like I said, they cannot hold a civil, honest dialogue.

"Smith, a government professor and avowed Marxist at the College of the Mainland, said his group and others engaged in the protest might explore other avenues of complaint against Guthrie."

I was right! The guy is a Marxist and a loon! Of course he will look for other avenues of complaint against Guthrie. People like Smith are hypocrits. As I stated earlier, they believe in the Bill of Rights as it pertains to themsevles. However, if they ruled, then the Bill of Rights would end up in a fireplace. So, for now, people like Mr. Smith have to resort to intimidation and pressure to silence people they don't like.

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