Thursday, February 28, 2008

But, Why Was He There?

The man was genuinely upset that he got arrested for trespassing. He went home with a man that he picked up at a Montrose (Houston) area bar. The home was way out west in the County. He stayed overnight and was still there come evening time when asked to leave. Instead of leaving, he threatened the residents. When police arrived he shouted at them and made another threat in front of the officers! When escorted to a waiting police car he argued over and over that he was straight. He said he was married with two daughters and he did nothing wrong. The officers did not pass judgement when the man claimed he was being solicited for sex. He was asked since he is spending a lot of breath on his straight claims, why was he at this guy's home to begin with? He couldn't answer that question. Instead, he went to screaming and cursing. The nerve of some people.

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JLee said...

Oh god. People are so strange. Even when cold busted, they don't want to admit the truth!