Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ray Hill in a Quandary

Kudos to Houston Police for catching a pair who had been robbing mainly adult bookstores and videos. The article talks about how more victims are being sought mainly because they don't want to have to admit being in a bookstore. Amazingly enough, the chronicle manages to drag Ray Hill out of the woodwork. This time, Ray Hill is;

"Ray Hill, who has been a consultant and lobbyist for adult businesses, said police should have captured the men sooner."

First of all, the fact that these guys are caught is testimony that the police were working. Hill is just trying to get some free press. Besides, I'm surprised Ray Hill even cares about crime victims. In the past he has been the chronicle's "convict advocate" and "criminal justice advocate." Ray Hill did time in prison for burglary. Meaning at one point in his life he felt righteous and justified breaking into other peoples' homes and stealing their stuff. He went on champion rights for inmates because they weren't being treated kindly enough. He does (or did) a show on KPFT called the prison show or something like that. Where they talk about how sad inmate life is and for their families. While I see how their families can be affected, I wonder if anyone on that show stopped to consider two things. First, the victims' families. As usual people who stand for prisoners rights usually have little or nothing to say about the people they hurt. Second, if the convicts' families were so important to the convict why didn't said convict think about them before pulling that trigger, or robbing that individual/store? Anyhow, it's hard to tell where Ray's convictions lie. See, Ray is a gay man. Not that I, nor anyone else should care. However, remember Paul Broussard? He was the victim of a gay bashing murder back in 1991. A group of punks came down to the Montrose area looking for gays to attack. They found Mr. Broussard and friends and went on the attack. Mr. Broussard was brutally murdered. A crime that deserved the death penalty in my opinion.

"In a strange twist, the killers have an advocate in longtime Houston gay activist Ray Hill, who has befriended the men since their imprisonment."

Wow! I would imagine that even Ray would support keeping those animals locked up, but I guess his love for criminals takes precedence over his own sexual orientation.

"What we have is a bunch of teenagers, drunk and stoned -- chemicals played a major role in this -- who came to Houston from The Woodlands," Hill said."

Ahh, the old "it's not their fault" argument. I love how these 'advocates' are telling society to just suck it up and let predators loose.

"Hill said Thursday that he has contacted a lawyer to try to stop the Aguirres' deportation. "

According to the link, the Aguirres are 'Mexican nationals' (meaning illegals). So Ray thinks illegal aliens who commit murder ought to be welcomed in our homes.

Now, Ray is bashing police for "dragging their heels" because the victims of these two predators were seedy establishments. I didn't think Ray would want either one of these guys to spend time in prison since life there is so horrible. Perhaps there were chemicals involved and they were just bored and out looking for trouble. I guess Ray doesn't know one of the robbers has been in the pen like he was. Well, later on Ray will be championing for their release and will become their best friend. I wonder if Ray stumbled upon a man raping a woman in the middle of the street what would he do? Would he actually help the woman? Would he call 911? Or would he help hold the woman's feet so she couldn't kick her attacker?

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I've known Ray Hill as long as I've been out in 1966. I've always liked Ray, he was always visible in the gay community and stood up for gay rights. But for him to befriend those punks that killed Paul Broussard is so disappointing. Ray has always been a chicken hawk, and this just shows he'd rather get a trick than justice.