Monday, December 1, 2008

Chronicle Just Noticing Again...

I found this article about the 'rise' of dogfighting in the Harris County area. I would beg to differ. This is nothing new. This has always been around, just not taken as seriously. I would suggest that is isn't rising, but it is being taken more seriously as a crime.

"....the crime has steadily become more prevalent among local youths, particularly in low-income areas, said Assistant District Attorney Belinda Smith."

Isn't there also drug dealing, robbery, prostitution, burglary, and other thefts occurring too often in low income areas? See the common denominator here?

"A University of Chicago report this year found dogfighters in that city were introduced to the crime as early as age 9.

The university's research suggested that dogfighting was used "to work out other street or gang conflicts, and as a means to earn money that can range from as little as $20 to as much as several hundred dollars."

Gang conflicts? I don't see the crips and bloods settling their differences over a dog fight. The hood mentality wouldn't allow these thugs to accept defeat based upon the performance of a dog. If this were so, then you'd have shootings over the results of dog fights. These guys are still shooting and killing each other. I wonder how the university conducted its research. When academia tries to research life on the streets watch out. Getting those guys out of their ivory towers and into the real world takes an act of Congress. That's why they have a lot of polls.

"Smith attributes dogfighting's rise in popularity partially to its glorification in music videos by rap and hip-hop artists."

How many other negative traits are glorified by rappers (and sometimes the media)?

While popular in 'da hood' cock fighting is popular south of the border. There are also cock fighting networks in Houston due to migration (both legal and illegal). Either way, in my humble opinion, people who engage, or watch these sports are primitive throwbacks. I would say they are no better than animals, but that would be an insult to animals.

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