Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Harris County District Attorney's Office Changing, and Losing a Blogger

KPRC has this story today of DA elect Pat Lykos already making changes in the DA's office. Of course it just says that 5 employees (4 investigators and 1 prosecutor) have not had their contracts renewed, not a traditional firing after doing something wrong, or bad. It's the process where you are told you're simply not coming back. So, for more information I turned to a Harris County Prosecutor and sure enough, he was on it. Anyone who received an email was going to be let go. That's got to be hell. Checking your email and if you see 'Jim Leitner' in the 'from' box you knew you weren't going to be employed next year. Sadly, AHCL received an email and will not be with the DA's office next year. Of course he will be back as a defense lawyer which is good for him. He also took off the costume and the mask. I had always had a feeling who he was. I was wrong. He wasn't who I thought he was and sad to say, I'd never heard of him. Anyhow, good luck Murray and I'm sure we'll see you around.

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jigmeister said...

Actually 7 lawyers were pink slipped. All were accomplished career prosecutors. Most of whom were vocal Kelly Seigler supporters. I guess employees at will have little right to a public opinion.