Monday, December 1, 2008

Mexican Problems, Chronicle Blames US

Another interesting Houston Chronicle article caught my eye this morning. The article talks about Mexican gangsters buying weapons here in Houston that are being used in gun violence in Mexico. The article goes on to cite some examples. The tone of the article is the same, old tired line that guns are the problem, not the people.

"Gangsters have honed in on this city because of its glut of gun shops, its proximity to the border, and its long-established networks for smuggling narcotics into the United States, federal law-enforcement officials said."

So, does this mean this is our fault?

"The need for arms is increasing as Mexican drug cartels are battling one another and the government after President Felipe Calderon made restoring the rule of law his priority upon taking office two years ago."

Ahhh, so the Mexican government is to blame. I know the article didn't mean for this line to be interpreted like this be we all know how corrupt the government and system of justice is down there.

Basically it works like this. Someone goes into a gun store and either makes a legal purchase and in turns sells (or gives) the weapons to someone who shouldn't have them. Or the person uses false information/documents to make the purchase. The gun stores ARE NOT knowingly providing guns to Mexican drug cartels.

"The task may be difficult, but U.S. officials have an obligation to do more to keep guns on this side of the border, Mexican authorities say."

Typical arrogance of the Mexican government. Perhaps if corruption wasn't a way of life down there then Mexico wouldn't have half the problems it has. How about the Mexican government doing more to make its citizens want to stay there and now want to come up here? How about the Mexican government do more to keep illegal drugs out of our country? Neither will happen.

"Mexico's weapons laws are far stricter than those in the United States, making it difficult for civilians to purchase guns and ammunition. U.S. citizens crossing into Mexico have been sent to prison for having accidentally left guns or ammunition in their vehicles."

Yet criminals have no problems getting guns and right under the government's nose. Plus, U.S. citizens have wound up in Mexican jails for being found with a single bullet in their cars. Well, those citizens that couldn't bribe their way out of it. Mexican police have a practice of setting up naive Americans (i.e. having someone sell them drugs) and arresting the citizen until the citizen can cough up a nice little bribe to get out of it.

The point is that the Mexican government is the source for most of these problems. If they didn't tolerate public corruption and actually swung their economy to make people want to stay there then Mexico would be a better place for its own people. Yet, hardly anyone wants to realize that. It's easier, and preferable for Mexico and our own media to blame us for the problems.

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