Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Figured It Would Happen

I've been keeping tabs on the nutty county prosecutor Juan Guerra who got an indictment against Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez. Guerra also got an indictment against a state senator, and a district judge as well as others who have been involved in past investigations against him. Well, the judge dismissed all the indictments.

"Five of the indictments - against two district judges, two special prosecutors and the district clerk - were dismissed because Guerra was the alleged victim, witness and prosecutor. The indictments accused the five of abusing their power by being involved in a previous investigation of Guerra."

I thought that a prosecutorial no-no. So, the way I understand it, Guerra abused his power to get indictments against others accusing them of abusing their powers to investigate him.

Well, this is no surprise to me. From the start I couldn't see this getting past a judge, somewhere. Guerra has demonstrated his mental instability over and over again.

The Houston Chronicle has also been following this story.

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