Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still Here

Well Ike came in slapping us around like Tina. My power went out Friday evening and finally came back on yesterday. I have to say, modern people are spoiled. Humanity thrived for thousands of years without electricity. If you think going without power for two hours is a pain in the butt, try two days. It sucks. My wife and I were hot, miserable, ill tempered, and my poor dog was burning up too. Society is slowly returning to normal in our neck of the woods. Pictures soon to come.


Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

Glad to hear all is okay with you guys. Do your parents still live in Liberty? Have you heard from them? Mine stayed and have a few minor damages (trees down, shed messed up, etc.) and they still don't have power. The liberty website says it might be 4-6 weeks! There are photos of town on there also. Can you imagine? I can't. You are right, though, we are completely dependent on it. I don't know how anyone ever lived without AC!! We were there but flew out on Thursday before the storm...now we are back in the desert packing up before we head to Sakhalin.

Take care! ap

JLee said...

So glad to hear you're doing ok, Jason. Sorry you had to "rough it" for a couple of days, but hopefully your home is not damaged?