Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Numbers Can Paint Any Picture You Want

The local news media is running the story of a Houston Police taser audit. According to the numbers, white officers are more than likely to use the taser. The numbers also show that black people are more than likely the subjects of taser use. The chronicle story just says that white officers just stun black suspects. I've said it before, for each and every use of taser, there is a policy that has to be followed. A supervisor has to make the scene, collect the darts and see they are tagged into evidence. A full report has to be done to explain and justify the taser use. The entire encounter is documented. Yet, the chronicle, in its usual bang-up job of reporting won't bother with details. They just want to further divide people along racial lines. As anyone knows you can take statistics and make up any story you want.

"We need further analysis of the patterns we have discovered — that there are racial and ethnicity differences in how officers use Tasers and in who they are used on," Parker said Monday after presenting the audit to City Council's public safety committee. "We need to know why that difference exists."

Okay, fine. I can tell you the answer. However it won't be the answer that the chronicle, nor the racial pimps will want to hear. KPRC has the same story, yet slightly better facts even though the title implies faulty training in dealing with minorities. KPRC seems to be under the impression that minorities should be treated differently than the rest of the public. So when Hispanics become the majority around 2050, will whites be considered a minority and require special handling? I wonder how the news media will report on those numbers. I guess the notion of impartiality and treating people equally is lost on the media.

"The report noted 55 complaints filed against police officers for using their Tasers, only three of which resulted in discipline"

So it looks like HPD does respond to complaints. I notice the story doesn't specify what discipline was administered. Had the complaint been the illegal use, or exessive use of force the officer would either be fired or indicted. Was the discipline for the taser use at all? Or was it for some other policy violation? Again, you have to read between the lines and ask questions. Don't rely on the media to get the whole story. Now, pay close attention to this line.

"Auditors asked officers during focus groups exactly why they believe black officers use the Taser less than white officers.""Basically, the bottom line is they felt that African-American suspects related more to the African-American officer,"" said J. David Ahola, an auditor from Mir, Fox, and Rodriguez, P.C."

We have a winner!!!!! Does anyone realize what that statement means? It means that an ugly truth is rearing its head but because of the PC status quo hardly anyone dare mention it. I'd be surprised if the chronicle ever mentioned it. Many of the same black persons "who better relate to black officers" hate white people, especially white officers. Therefore, in an encounter with a white officer, the black person is more than likely to be confrontational, resistant, and more likely to run or fight a white officer than they would a black officer. An example of this mentality can be read here. White officers hear all the time "I don't want to talk to you, I want a black officer," or in the case of a simple disturbance "you're being racial, I want a Mexican officer here! Oh your last name is *******? Well you're not a real Mexican!" However, that kind of racism is acceptable to the media and the PC status quo. This kind of racism against white officers occurs every day and black and Hispanic officers are often called terms like "sell out" and "Uncle Tom" by other black people and Hispanic people. This further makes officers' jobs difficult. Yet the news media would never dare suggest the public become colorblind.

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