Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike's Pix 2


"..and our flag was still there.."

Damaged traffic signal on Hwy 6

Next three pictures are of a transformer box that exploded. Nobody was injured.

Next two of the damaged Alamo Drafthouse on Mason Rd. It was open two days later.

A Harris County Park that lost some trees. It will be okay.

Gas pumps that were destroyed on Clay Rd.

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Shane, Amanda and Adam said...

My goodness - and all of this was southwest/west Houoston? I am shocked as to how underestimated this storm was. I have friends in the Woodlands that have major damage to their homes/cars. And of course Liberty....have you seen the pics on I-dine out? Crazy! Have you seen pics of crystal beach? There is nothing there anymore! No houses, no stores, nothing along that road! So horrible...