Monday, May 19, 2008

A New Lead In Unsolved Murder

In my previous blog life I did a post about the 1990 abduction of Cheryl Henry and Garland Atkinson. A few years ago I discovered a small cemetery in a Harris County pocket park near Eldridge and Enclave Parkway. I was talking to someone about it who told me two people were found tied up and murdered in that area years ago. I thought it was a local legend until a Houston Chronicle story with this letter popped up. It bugged me to realize I had been standing in an area where someone tied these two kids up, raped the woman, and cut their throats, and the case was unsolved. Today, the Chronicle has this story in which the perpetrator committed another rape. This had lead to a composite sketch. Of course this sketch is how the guy looked 18 years ago. Still, it's the best lead police have had in years. I have my fingers crossed they can now catch this guy. For more information on this case, visit this site.

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